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{ Recipe } Spicy Broccoli & Carrot Creamy Bites (Dairy & Gluten Free)

The Brocolli Bites recipe going viral on Facebook recently inspired this recipe. I loved it but I needed dairy and gluten free, so I made up my own recipe and it is INSANELY GOOD! Try it!

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{ Recipe } Breakfast - Fruit Salad with Berries, Mango, Mint & Almonds

This fruit salad is simply to mouthwatering goodness! Summer may be over for now, but keep this one in your favourites!

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{ Recipe } Snack - Chocolate Protein Balls

Easter is here and if you are anything like me, with a sweet tooth and fitness training, you will love this sweet chocolate protein ball recipe I knocked up - no dates!! Enjoy!

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{ Recipe } Breakfast - Fruit Salad with Mint & Almonds

If you like your summer fruits, this breakfast salad will have you wanting more, throw in some Almonds for added protein and the mint just brings it all together! Yum

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{ Recipe } Inspiring Mums Breakfast Smoothie Juice made in a Bellini

Inspiring Mums® Breakfast Smoothie with beetroot, carrot and other yumminess to keep you fuller for longer in the morning, made in a Bellini!

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