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{ Meal Planning } How To Shop, Prep, Cook & Store Meals For 1 Week

Okey Dokey Mummabears, I got my shit sorted yesterday by cooking up a storm preparing and pre-cooking meals for Hubby and I for the week, there were a few reasons for this, both Reactive and Proactive!

Here is the vlog I did for you, which goes through what I did to make up the meal boxes you saw on Facebook and Instagram. Click play ;)

Reactive - because I had a crappy few weeks with the kids sick, stressing me out and not eating what I cooked them, it just piled up until I cracked! With your support I picked up the pieces and bounced back with a vengeance, as we Inspiring Mums do right?

How to Shop, Cook & Prep Meals for 1 Week: Salads, Curry, Stir Fry

How to Shop, Cook & Prep Meals for 1 Week: Salads, Curry, Stir Fry

Proactive - because I am determined to get my health back to an improved level, more exercise, better eating (I've been a bit lazy not considering my tummy issues as much as I could). So proactive preparation to eat well, be more organised (again) and focus on something that can and will be easy to maintain. Makes sense I reckon!

Family meal time is one of the most challenging times in many homes across the modern world, with fussy eaters, allergies, and specific diets how can already time poor mums keep up!? 

Well, I'm in the same Mothership boat as many mums, so I am sharing with you today a lovely Chicken Risotto recipe of mine and what I have done to prepare meals for Hubby & I for lunches and dinners for the week ahead. Taking SOME of the challenge out of cooking and cleaning every night but most importantly the stress of thinking of what the heck to make dinners!

Now, that's all done in just 3-4 hours in one afternoon of cooking for the rest of the week! All I do now work out what to do for the kids and what they want and that's usually an apple ;/ LOL

Don't forget to go to the Inspiring Mums® Recipes Blog to download the Chicken Risotto recipe you'll love it!

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Let me know how you go with your Meal Planning and if you have any questions, pop your question below and I will help you out! :)