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What we are loving now... Chameleon Pens watch this tutorial on using these babies on your artwork :)

Learn To Draw With Me!

Art & Craft Ideas To Keep Kids Busy & Inspired!

Learn How To Draw More Than Stick Figures With Your Kids!

I've had many a conversation with mums who wish they could draw so they can draw better with their kids.

Their kids say;

"Mummy, can you draw me a dinosaur?" 

Mums gasp and say "Yeah, sure, darling..." while taking a deep breath and producing something that sort-a-kind-a-doesn't look like a dinosaur! 

Their kids say something like;

"Ohhh Mummm... that's not a dinosaur! that's a sausage with spikey bits!"

They feel like they have let their kids down and want to be able to draw for their kids. Mind you, I'm sure whatever you've drawn, however you draw it, your little ones will love it anyway!

Learn To Draw Tutorials Coming Soon!

So I am putting together some tutorials on how to draw! Toot! Toot! Here is a snippet #instavideo time lapse drawing I did on my daughters lunch brown paper bag of Rarity from My Little Pony. You will see me drawing on the book, that was to get my scale, you will also see me making dots and lines from one point to the next point, without doing continuous lines for the entire shape. This will make it easier for you to understand how your picture will take shape.

My Creative Background

Having spent years as a graphic designer and living with my amazingly talented artistic father, Rod Halloran, I know a thing or two about drawing, a little about painting and some mixed media like mosaic tiling. I will say I am by no means an expert, but you will see what I can do to help you learn draw via our complimentary tutorials.

  • These tutorials are not for people who can already draw well.
  • These tutorials are not for people who want to draw highly technical artwork.
  • These tutorials are not for people wanting to design children's books :)

We start at the basics shapes and lines and work up to shades and colour.

You will learn how to draw from a very basic method and style, it is not going to be designed so that you will walk away feeling like you can draw a fire-breathing medieval Lord of the Rings style, no no no! You may be able to do that later on, but what I will show you will cover the basics to get you started and some ideas on how to get the ideas to draw, which can be the hardest part!

  • How to draw custom Monsters & Aliens
  • How to draw My Little Pony
  • How to draw Littlest Pet Shop
  • How to draw Monster High
  • How to draw Trucks
  • How to draw Animals
  • How to do Face Painting

These are pretty much what I will cover and you could even make suggestions on tutorial topics you would like me to cover, simply head over to my contact page and shoot me an email, and let you know when I will do it for you.

Remember, as the kids get older, they are going to get really good at drawing, as they tend to draw the same things over and over. There's so much to love about that. So....

  • Take notice of what they are drawing!! So you get ideas on what to draw yourself and ask them to show you how they draw the pictures. This will also give you a wonderful insight into their level of creativity and innovative ideas, if they have made up the drawing from their mind, you should dance for joy because this will be a gift for life!
  • Encourage them and draw with them! Or start drawing or painting first and let them take the initiative to paint or draw with you. 
  • Don't critique their work remember they are still learning, you don't have to overly praise either, point how the highlights, i.e.
    • "great detail I can see you put a lot of time into the eyes." etc.
  • Ask positive questions;
    • "so where did you get the idea to draw this?"
    • "what did you like most about drawing this picture?"
    • "will you draw more like this?"
    • "do you store them in a safe place so you can go back and see how far you have come, like a journal?"
  • Give recommendations of reproducing their work in different mediums like oils, pastels, graphite, chalk, watercolour, acrylic and mixed media such has metallic, paper, plastic or recycled items etc. This way they will find what medium they like to work with the most.

Things You Can Do To Encourage Your Little Artists!

Have a mini art exhibition at home, get your kids to design posters for the art exhibition, invite extended family members, ask them to buy a ticket (say gold coin donation) and have the pictures set up with nice music the background without being loud, some finger-food and little cards under each picture to explain what it is and when it was done.

Have a photographer friend come and take photos of the exhibition and presentation and make an album or photobook as a keepsake "My First Art Exhibition". 

Have a presentation at the end where the money collected will go into a kitty to help with the expense of art supplies (as they can be expensive), this will be the child's art fund. They will feel so accomplished and want to keep drawing.

One thing I wished I had done when I was younger, was appreciate more the value in what my dad did as an artist and teacher. I WISH I had sat in on all of the art classes that were held in our lounge room and learned as they learned. But I locked myself away, studying as hard as I could, which worked against me as I failed school. I was great at practical things, but not academic at all! Despite this, I have had a very successful career as a corporate graphic designer and design business owner. 

Give your kids the opportunity to grow, creativity will be part of their life in one way or another, in creative thinking, doing or being. Let them explore, innovate, experiment, challenge and grow through creativity.

I am putting together the videos now, so bare with me, they will be on YouTube, snippets on time lapse on Instagram and posted to Facebook and Twitter for you, free :) 

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{ Inspiring #Mothership } ♡ My daughter and I have spent our Saturday evening drawing with oil pastels here is the Chihuahua #LPS I did :)

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