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Fashion for women over 40!

It can be a very upsetting experience going shopping for clothes, well it is for me. Trying to find a style and the types of women's clothing that will look stylish, affordable, comfortable and doesn't make you look like mutton dressed up as lamb (as we say in Australia!) Yes, I'm a mum, yes I'm in my 40's and YES YES YES I want to look nice, dare I say "FUNKY" even!!

I don't want to look older than I am and I don't want to look like a teenager because seriously, showing off my midriff makes me want to gag! eww... it's not called a midriff when you become a mum because you have that tummy you grew your babies in and if yours is anything like mine, it needs to be covered... pronto!!

Finding a Style that works!

You know what...? I'm still working that one out! So I am sharing my journey in this area with you. So with all that in mind, I wanted to not only show you some of the outfits I am wearing, which I do over on Instagram @inspiringmums #InspiringMumsStyleIt but I will also show you concept outfit ideas via Polyvore, this outfit to the right is what I'm starting with... what do you think?

So you're on a Mummy Budget!
You big tightass you! hehe ;p

I'm on a mummy budget too so don't stress! Budgeting does matter to me but I've decided to NOT deprive myself a-n-y-m-o-r-e of an item of clothing if I want it and can afford it simply because of the GUILT attached to it! Of course, I won't let my kids starve for a nice dress, buuuuut then again..... hehe just kidding...! LOL I have been using a debt reduction program that helps me afford what I need and want, but also pay off my mortgage within less years than the banks want me to! Oh it's called Money Rules, check it out sometime I love it!

Who wants No-Guilt Shopping! Toot toot!!

OMG! How many times have you been shopping and come back feeling so guilty you hide the outfit, take all the tags off, make sure the bags are well and truly hidden in the trash and when you get it out you're like "Oh this, yeah had it for ages just don't wear it that often" to your partner... I have so done this...


I want to inspire you to shop on the budget you have, whether that is thrift shopping or buying something brand new. I want to inspire you to come home with your new clothes hang them proudly and do a fashion show for your family, with a big fat smile on your dial without that feeling of GUILT hanging over your head. We can do this together ok!?

The "Say No To Black" Challenge!

So for 2015, I'm on a style and fashion challenge that I have imposed upon myself, with much difficulty I might add....! I have made the decision to at least TRY not to wear full black pieces of clothing, from cardies to shoes.


I literally cleaned out my cupboard and put all of my black clothes away. Then I got some out hehe, it's been hard I have to say. Even going shopping to find colourful clothes I have found I either don't like the cut or style or the colour is way too bright. Then there's the quality... oh the quality... when you are on a mummy budget, let's face it, sometimes the quality has to be sacrificed to get a piece we like. Hey, it's just how it is!

So I have relaxed on the challenge a little, I can wear some black but not FULL black. So I can wear a black belt and flats if there is a colourful top with a little black in it. Still I'm finding it hard. I love to wear black! Oh and now black and white is coming back into style trends making it even harder! Argh!

Let's do this together!

I'm simply going to show you what I wear simply to inspire you, I'm not sponsored by Target, Big W, Kmart or any other outlet. If I am at any stage I will let you know. I do this for me and you, I don't do it to sell other businesses clothes, but I am happy to do this at any point if brands would like to approach me I am down with that :)

Just keeping it real!

What to expect!

Simply me doing silly poses modeling what I am wearing via Instagram which I will show here on this page. I will share with you (if I can remember!) where I bought the items and how much. Sometimes I can't tell you because my items might be too old for me to remember (like I have jeans that are 10 years old LOL)

I will try to keep it interesting, I may take a blurry photo from time to time running before the self timer goes off, or I may invest in a selfie stick just to get a good shot. I tell a story in photos, I'm not shy of the camera and I always try not to look like death warmed up. I will also share some beauty and make up tips that I learn along the way.

Sharing is caring! I do it because I want to, not because I have to :)