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{ Health } WEEK 9 - Body Transformation Overview - March 2016 #Inspiringmumsfit

WEEK 9 of my body transformation journey #inspiringmumsfit here's an overview looking at my ROUTINE, REFOCUSING on my goals and RESULTS big and small on this journey. It's been a busy week of FUN too, check it out! ENJOY!

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{ Me-Time } Ohhh Yeahh, right there... Don't Stop! Harder! #happy #metime #mums

Feeling guilty because to took some time out of your day for you to have some ME-TIME? You're not alone, most of us feel exactly the same, but not me today, I soaked up the good stuff....yeah baby!

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{ Motherhood } When Your Baby Hurts... You Hurt.

Parenthood can be a challenging gig, especially if you are working and/or running a business. Kids get sick, they pull on your heartstrings and when they hurt YOU hurt... today I'm sharing my crappy night with my sick little Bam Bam, it's not all roses and sunshine... But there is a light at the end of every tunnel :)

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