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{ Kids } Kinder Surprise! Catwoman Arrives Putting Smiles on Little Dials!

Today, I wanted to spend time with my son at kinder in a way that would make him really smile! Well, it appears I have missed my calling in life... check it out!

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{ Health } WEEK 2 - Body Transformation Overview - January 2016

WEEK 2 of my body transformation journey #inspiringmumsfit here's an overview of the FUN, FITNESS and FOOD not to mention the things I've learned! Enjoy!

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{ Grief } Forgiveness...

A reminder about forgiveness with steps to helping you let go as I have... In loving honour of my mum Coril, on the anniversary of her death, may she always rest in peace. Read more...

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{ Life } Pre-Menopause, Living with Pain, Turning 40 and Still Smiling

Today, I'm reflecting on turning 40 as I experience pre-menopause, managing daily pain challenges and still smiling, sharing with you how I do this and why...

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{ Inspiration } 10 THOUGHT PROVOKING Inspiring Quotes

In uninspiring times like this, with the MH17 attack, wars where innocent people are being killed everyday, our Government making massive changes creating distrust and concern for the future. It's just nice to stop for a minute and be inspired to look for goodness in others and find hope where hope seems sometimes bleak.

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{ Inspiration } Motherhood Quotes - Inspiring Mums®

A beautifully designed collection of Inspiring Motherhood Quotes to help you Smile & Shine® from the inside out. Quotes by popular authors, celebrities, thought leaders and Inspiring Mums® own quotes Authored by Heather James. Also featuring Inspiring Motherhood Gift Products to inspire your loved ones.

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