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{ REVIEW } Shopping for Time Poor Mums at The Christmas GIFTORIUM

Shopping for Time Poor Mums at The Christmas GIFTORIUM, Myer Melbourne

Click to enlarge Photos: Heather James, Inspiring Mums®

You know what it's like mums, Christmas is fast approaching and you're wondering what to get gifts to get everyone!

You don't want to go from shopping centre to shopping centre and still come out empty handed, completely baffled and mentally exhausted from the experience! Too many people, too many options, too many shops to look through!

Imagine a place where there's a gift for everyone in one place :) I know, AWESOME I know! Well there is such a place and it's called the Christmas Giftorium at Myer.

One Level. Gifts galore. Entertainment and best of all fast shopping for time poor mums! YAY!

Our Experience at The Myer Christmas Giftorium

So when Bam Bam (my master 3 of the house) and I took a little trip into Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne, we took the lift all the way to level 6 in Myer.

The doors opened and as we walked through, we were entertained with a Christmas Choir singing, entertainers dancing, singing and playing music. We walked past kids doing activities and resting the bean bags ice cave watching Frozen (how apt!)

There was the most gorgeous Christmas decoration area, everything you could want for your family Christmas tree for Santa to leave all of those wonderful gifts! You must have a look at the little train display it's so gorgeous!

The Salvation Army bears were the cutest. Bam Bam has one and he called him "Teddy" it's been a week now and he hasn't left his side. Teddy is really soft and cuddly and very cute in his little happy face knitted jumper :) We love Teddy, maybe your little ones would love a "Teddy" too!

SodaStream Play Photo:

SodaStream Play Photo:

Just a few steps away, on the same level... we make our way over to the SodaStream store, oh wow haven't Sodastream come alooooonnng way since we were kids! *cough* 30 years ago, we would be so jealous of our friends who had a Sodastream, begging for a bubbly refreshing drink.

Well, now we have one AND we got to customise our own colour to match our kitchen! We have a Black and White kitchen so it was simple black top, white body, and black footer. I loooveed the red and even the yellow was fun and summery! There were so many colour combinations and it was a novelty to choose our own with Sodastream Play, Play It Your Way, for a limited time, you have until Christmas Eve to go to the Melbourne Myer store at the Christmas Giftorium to choose your colours and they will make it for you on the spot while you shop! Genius! I'm loving the cocktails range and Summer Lemonade! Yummo!

Dilmah Tea Photo:

Dilmah Tea Photo:

Right next to the SodaStream store is the Dilmah Tea cart with a new selection of delicate teas, I've tried Brilliant Breakfast which is a nice tea with a slight floral, sweet flavour. Very nice indeed. I'm a sucker for cool packaging and Dilmah have nailed it with their tea packaging here, for freshness and style 10 stars from me!

From there make your way over to the gadgets section! ooh Geeky Toys! I had to stop myself seriously! A great selection for your geek or geekette!

Towards the corner there are toys, toys and moorrre toys! Bam Bam was ready to walk out with the HUGE Dinosaur Transformer! Which is now on Santa's gift list ;) We put it back and walked through the gorgeous scented candles. There's just something about candles, I think I sniffed every one of them! 

Renee Mayne @BraQueen Photo:

Renee Mayne @BraQueen Photo:

Turn around and there's a guy with a strange machine, looks like an old machine and he's making something. Bam Bam and I walk over to watch him make customised leather belts, wallets, compendium cases for that special someone! What a cool idea! And you really feel the sense that you are in his store and not in Myers anymore! I loved the segregated areas. 

Moving right along, we get to the homewares and stationery.... DROOOOOOOLLL... I'm am like a little kid in a lolly shop when it comes to both! I love Stationery! In the homewares section, the gorgeous crockery with floral designs were my favourite, perfect for that special High Tea lunch with the gals at your place.

Hugging station Photo:

Hugging station Photo:

Ah haaaa I'm not sure that "Glamour Gran" matches what's on the shelf, but I take it gran as a place to buy better knickers for you for Chrissy at the Giftorium now, no more daggy beige high waisted knicky-buns for you! Here's my good friend Renee Mayne aka Bra Queen had a great time in the lingerie shop :) check out her Instagram at @BraQueen.

We head over to the toys and see the Hugging Station! So we get a photo, how cute is Bam Bam! They even gave me a customised print, check this out!

So then we look through the toys again and see some great magic trick gifts, loads of popular toys, I ended up getting Bam Bam a Planes the movie toy and my daughter Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Equestria doll. I loved the gardening kits and little butterflies too.

By this time we were ready for some popcorn and a sit on the bean bags to rest our feet. 

Little Miss Sunshine, Bam Bam & New Salvation Army Teddy Photo:

Little Miss Sunshine, Bam Bam & New Salvation Army Teddy Photo:

Our experience as great, I can see how you could get in and out in less than an hour after getting a gift for each of your loved ones. Something customised, something funky, something Christmasy, something needed, something wanted, something practical, something techie, and of course something to play with! Something for everyone that's for sure.

The whole experience from when you walk through the elevator door is all about making you the spirit of Christmas, and really appreciate what the Gift of Giving is all about, love and gratitude. It doesn't matter and big or small, your gift 'means' something. 

And that my friends is what the Christmas Giftorium brings you....! But! Wait, there's MORE! Do NOT leave without having your thoughtfully chosen gifts wrapped at the gift wrapping station, right near SodaStream. That way you have more time for... um... YOU. Now you deserve a coffee and cake, oh go one, now you have time :)

Enjoy and let me know how you go with your shopping! Comment below!

Visit the Christmas Giftorium at Myer Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne. To find out more about The Christmas Giftorium

x mwahh


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