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{ Life } Pre-Menopause, Living with Pain, Turning 40 and Still Smiling


Morning Mummas, I've got that silly "Friday" song stuck in my head after Jaz kept singing it :/ argh! Speaking of Jaz she did soooo well at the tennis courts yesterday, apparently, I couldn't see from the car, mostly because I was curled up on the drivers seat asleep. I woke up with indents in my forehead, which was nicely pointed out by Hubby :)

What's happening in your world today lovelies? It's Friday, a lovely sunny day in Melbourne, hope you can enjoy some sun!

So spoke to someone at the Menopause centre and it's clear I'm in the "Pre-Menopause" stage with is before the "Peri-Menopause" stage. I have been going through it for at least 3-4 years and it's very draining. 

Added to this, I am in pain everyday mostly in my lower back at a level 5 out of 10 to the highest pain level 8 out of 10, 10 being that I'd need a morphine drip to keep going! It's also very draining. I know I don't "LOOK" or behave like I'm in that much pain every day, but that's 5-6 years of managing it the best I can, with painkillers, mindset management, stress management and balancing my life so I don't overdo it and fall apart at the seams. 

That's one of the reasons Inspiring Mums is so important in my life, I'd like to set a positive example to my family, you and your family that despite your challenges you can find a smile, even a small one. If I can inspire you to do that, awesome, that's the idea.

I try not to complain about it too much because it brings the focus to it, I find ways to cope with the pain, moving around is less painful that laying down or sitting, which is why I am on the go or always doing things, I have to, to keep my mind of it and to reduce the pain. I do look after myself, however, there's only so much I can do about it. But it can get very distressing, especially when I can barely walk or have trouble sleeping because of the pain.

New hairdo!

New hairdo!

Through it all I will forever try to keep a smile on my dial and encourage and inspire others to do the same... This week I am smiling because I decided to go to the hairdresser and got some new colours and shape to my hair, what do you think?

So today I'm taking Bam Bam out to get his nan a birthday present for tomorrow. 

Oh and excited, Hubby said I can have a Bellini Kitchen Master for my 40th in November! We can't justify a Thermomix at this point, so a Bellini is a better option for us, so that's on layby now at Target. I can't wait, maybe it will bring my love of cooking back, been a little deflated the last 6 months with the kids especially.

With so much to do at home I have decided to stop coaching until February 2015 when David goes to kinder, it will take some of the stress of commitment and let me focus on my health and family. Of course I will keep blogging, it keeps me sane! ;) 

Time to get the rugrats sorted for the day, stay tuned for highlights on Instagram @inspiringmums

Inspire you there!

xx Heather