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{ Events } It’s Snowing on South Wharf these Winter School Holidays #snowingsouthwharf

Looking for FREE fun activities and events these Winter school holidays in Melbourne? Well, look no further, see what's SNOWING on at South Wharf Promenade

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{ Kids } Watch How We Raised Over $1,200 For Kids In Foster Care! #CatwomanForKids

See Catwoman #CatwomanForKids abseil 27 Floors of a Melbourne Skyscraper to help raise funds for kids in Foster Care through the incredible programs and services by Anglicare Victoria...

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{ Media } Mummy And Daddy bloggers Are in the Media for all the Right Reasons Today #MumsWhoBlog #DadsWhoBlog #Bloggers_Brunch #Influencers #Review

This week, Mia Freedman from Mamamia sparked passionate debate in the blogging community with a comment that "Mummy Blogs are almost over". We are seen more and more in the media see our recent media coverage on this post and some of our stats to prove it's on the increase! Check them out...

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{ Family } How To Be Really Fun Mum! #cosplay #supanova2015

Try Cosplay for a Day...

Over the weekend I unleashed my inner Fun Mum, let go of my serious side and really had FUN! We went to the Supanova Pop Culture Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds and it was awesome!

Until 3 weeks ago, I hadn't even thought of going or let alone going in a Cosplay Costume! But, after some encouragement from Melbourne Transformers Optimus Prime, I decided to go and encourage my family to go as well! I chose a character based on what I liked the look of, the characters story and of course inspiration from other Cosplayers, in particular, Vera Chimera. My character was RIVEN from League of Legends Game. which was chosen after seeing Vera Chimera's photos and Cosplay Costume, it really is awesome (way better that what I made!)

Inspiring Mums Family at SUPANOVA 2015

Inspiring Mums Family at SUPANOVA 2015

Sometimes I forget To Be Me!...

One of the things I tend to forget is that I am still "Heather" even though I'm Mum, Wife, Friend, Business Chic and the rest!

The Heather I know is a bit of a Geek at heart, give me an iPad, game controller, computer or nature documentary and I'm at home :) Sometimes I forget to take off all those other HATS I wear that keep this Mothership going on autopilot. Motherhood and being a parent is a wonderful journey, please don't misunderstand me, but there is a part of me that my kids don't always see, the real, goofy me!

Do you find this yourself?

Your the taxi driver, the hairdresser, the financial controller, the carer, the suzie homemaker, gardener, handymum, the dog walker, the naughty minx in the bedroom and you end up wondering "what's left for just me?" Some find this thought selfish, I find it refreshing! I want to see and inspire mums to have that something that you enjoy. Let's face it, our fella's or partners don't have any guilt doing this, so why should we! It's about having something that connects you with the YOU that was before everyone and everything came along! Remembering your likes and 

So, now it's time to UNLEASH YOUR inner FUN MUM and I can show you the way!

{ Family } Revealing A Secret Desire...

Everyone has secrets and I'm ready to share my secret desire with you... here goes! It may surprise you and hopefully INSPIRE YOU!

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{ Make It! } Things I do for love... #spotlightncm #imadethis

Things we do for love... dressing up for a kids event, Octonauts, embarrassing or just being a cool mum? For me it's about having fun and being a big kid! #norules #nohangups *not a sponsored post*

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{ Event } National Craft Month Preview Spotlight 2015 With Inspiring Mums®  Inspiring Mums® Motherhood & Lifestyle Blog featuring highlights from the Spotlight National Craft Month 2015 preview of innovative new products available from Spotlights stores

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{ Style It! } What I'm Wearing To Spotlight Tomorrow #SpotlightNCM #inspiringmumsstyleit

This is what I'm wearing to Spotlight Bloggers National Craft Month Preview tomorrow #SpotlightNCM #IMadeThis #inspiringmumsstyleit - What do you think? Leave your comment below and sign up for my free Learn to Draw videos!

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{ Event } Bloggers BBQ Photo Highlights January 2015

Photo highlights from the Kids Business Bloggers BBQ in January 2015 and some benefits of being part of the blogging community as a mum. Enjoy!

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{ Event } Bloggers & Brands Connect At #Bloggers_BBQ Melbourne

Find out about some of the great innovations in products and services coming onto the market by brands like Steggles, Life Like Touring, Dyson and more here direct update from the Bloggers BBQ Melbourne!

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{ Life } 2014 Inspiring Year In Review

2014 WHAT A YEAR AT Inspiring Mums®! We take a look at the year of fun that it was, what we had as a family and work, our new furry addition and the wonderful prospects coming for 2015!

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{ Event } Highlights from Santa's Magical Kingdom Opening Night

Getting all excited for Christmas!

For many years while I was growing up, Christmas wasn't the most fun time of the year, to be honest. My dad would get very emotional because my mum used to love Christmas and she wasn't there to enjoy it with us as a family. She really loved Christmas. So when she passed, it became the saddest time for us as a family, because we weren't "complete". Well, I guess that is what my dad thought anyway. It is what it is.

So now... today in my little family, Christmas is a time where we let our hair down, have fun and let out the child in us to play. We did this on Friday for the opening of Santa's Magical Kingdom at Caulfield Racecourse and we had a ball.

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom we made it and as you can see the kids are ready for fun!

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

You know that moment when you walk in to a room and go.... "WOW!"?

We did...

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom WOW!

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

Imagine walking into a room to see bright lights, Christmas music, families smiling and laughing and kids screaming with joy on the rides! Then.... ohhh then.... Bam Bam looks over to see the Lego free play corner and that was it! hehe Hubby takes our daughter on the caterpillar ride and Bam Bam and I make crazy Lego constructions at the tables.

Here we are playing...

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom #lego Bam Bam is happy :)

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

I thought we'd be in the Lego pit all night LOL! He lovvvess Lego!

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom oh Dear me Hehe

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

I just loved the Golden Dears and long drop Christmas lights!

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom yep smile says it all!

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

OMG! Jaz couldn't get enough of the big slide outside! I am pretty sure she went down about 10 times! LOL look at that face in her words


I didn't go down, but wished I had! 

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom It's So Sweet :)

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

OK seriously... this much sugar at 9:30pm wasn't the best parenting idea.... lol but they really do love these Gingerbread men biscuits we always buy them from Coles for a snack, sometimes they are a treat in Jaz's lunchbox. You can see by their faces, it's all about the biscuits! Such a sweet section to go to sit down for a minute and let the kids get all creative, we made funny faces with the marshmallows for eyeballs :)

By this stage of the evening, I was starting to feel the big kid come out of me. It was really fun just to let go of things on your mind, you know?

This is when we heard the call to go into the big top tent to watch the Silver Circus Show. It was good, took some photos, but I was sitting behind a big pole, thanks to hubby's great choice in seating... (rolls eyes hehe) but think, I'd be giving too much away if I shared EVERYTHING with you, now wouldn't I! All I will say, bopping to the music, very cool hula-hooping lady, football playing dogs, a big twirling acrobatic thingy, typerope walking, dancing and juggling crazy man! More amazing jugglers and magic tricks with Santa's and his helpers were just part of the fun show.

Worth a visit if you didn't get to go last year.

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom Singing... "I'm Spinning Around..."

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

After the show we ventured outside to find the ferris wheel all lit up and flashing with lights and music. I have to say, it was cold and thinking of bailing out on the ride altogether, but the kids were up for it!

So we went on and yes it was cold but thankfully it was a good little ride and we went around a few times, took crazy selfies and photos of the lights. I think it was the first time Bam Bam had been on one and he loved it!

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom Wore the kids out in this Frozen theme jumping castle

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

At this point, Hubby was getting really tired, as was Bam Bam, but he had some steam left in his tank for some play play in the Frozen themed jumping castle. It was so funny, because he did the same thing he did last year and that was just get his shoes off and jump right on in, with his sister in tow... well, Jaz got stopped as the lady told her to wait for others to come out, but she said she had to look after Bam Bam... it was like groundhog day all over again haha too funny, she was allowed in to watch him. Hehe. 

Both kids came out hot and sweaty, smiling and happy...

Job done! 

#SMK #santasmagicalkingdom A lovely snowfall end to a fun night with lil family

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

To end the evening, I tried to get a group photo with the kids in the fake snow, but this is all I was able to get with Bam Bam running away and trying to keep Jaz on one spot for a selfie LOL, sorry about the blur! hehe 

We had a great evening. We don't often go out at night, nor do we take the kids out for dinner to places, so it was nice to have dinner out as a bit of a treat. The sandwiches were lovely by the way.

I would say, that if you went last year, you may see similarities in the set up, that's probably because the format and layout works well for the event organisers. I did notice some improvements in location, parking and the pram bay. There are some more improvements they could make and I am sure with the more years they do it, the better they will get at providing a place for our families to have fun and create wonderful memories together.

For me and my family, that's what it's all about. I don't have memories of my mother, so in everything I do with my family, it's always about ensuring they have those special memories, especially if anything happens to me, they will always know their mum had fun with them!

Tips for your trip to Santa's Magical Kingdom...

  • If you're on a budget, there are things you can do to keep the expenses within your means; 
    • have a meal before you go, make sure your little tummies are full :)
    • when you are there, the kids will always say they are hungry, so share something light like a sandwich (they are really tasty and freshly made)
    • bring your own drinks and small snacks
    • before leaving the house, have a family meeting, make sure all kids know what to do if they get lost, give them your business card or write your phone number one paper and put it in their pocket or something! :) 
    • in your family meeting, make sure everyone understand the rules and what you will and won't buy. ie. you have $5 each, once that is spent on a game of clown heads or something, there is no more, so don't ask! :)
    • If you can't afford to buy the flashing toys, cuddly teddy bears, or the Minion toys, make sure the kids know this. Be honest with them, Christmas is very soon, if it's not within your means to buy or play make sure they know Santa's coming very soon and they will be very happy. Hopefully this will keep them off your back! 
    • If you can afford it, go to town, let your hair down, have fun and go for that massive Husky stuffed toy or Minion!
  • Parking is much easier this year, but you will have to pay, so make sure you bring coins for the parking, we paid $4 and put the ticket in the window of the car. Don't forget to do this or you could get a fine :)
  • Wear comfy clothes and shoes, bring a jacket just in case, you know what Melbourne weather is like! LOL

Last note is, let your big kid come out and be one of the kids, let the fake snow fall on your face, get on the caterpillar right and squeal your lungs out, boogy down in your seat to the music at the show and don't get all hung up on things around you, just enjoy yourself!

Merry Christmas everyone, your fun starts now! If you go to #SMK please make sure you stop by here and let us know what your favourite part was! And don't forget to get a photo with Santa!

Oh hey, if you are on Instagram or social media and want to share your photos with other families use hashtags #SMK and #santasmagicalkingdom so we can enjoy them too! If you want to see some videos and more highlights visit the Santa's Magical Kingdom website for more.

Get your tickets from Ticketek today Tickets can also be purchased by calling our Booking Office on 1300 307 740: 

Enjoy! Toot Toot!

x Heather


Inspiring Mums® was given the opportunity to attend the opening night of Santa's Magical Kingdom (gratis) to give us first glace of the event to share with our community of mums online. We have endeavoured to give tips and highlights as we experienced it. Our goal is to share our experience with you and if you think it is of interest, we provide the information for you to connect with the event to attend. Our opinions and photos are of our own experience. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to make contact with Inspiring Mums® in directly via our contact form.

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