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{ Kids } Do you prefer to see honest parenting? I DO! #honestparenting #inspiringmums

Keeping it real....

Parenting isn’t a practice.
It’s a daily learning experience.

Hey mummabears...

So, I've been a lot more, how do you say it... honest in my posts on the kids, how I feel, how I react and sharing some of what I have learned along the way as a parent. No one gives you a manual on this gig, so, when I learn something new I wanna share it with you. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes people don't like it.

People will unfollow or unfriend you because you are being "honest" about how they feel in parenting... sigh... to me it's just others judging parents on how they deal with everything as a parent. No one knows really what the heck they are doing!

I would NEVER SAY...

  • "I hate my kids" - because I don't simple as that.
  • "I wish they'd go play under a bus" - my dad's old favourite - joking of course - weird humour yes I know.
  • "Kids for sale" - I know this can be humourous but I wouldn't say this myself.
  • "Please shoot me now" - well since my mum did this I find it offensive that anyone would say this in jest, it ain't fucking funny!

I have no judgment of others if they want to say these things, up to them, but I choose not to say things like this about my kids. My frustrations and honest parenting will come out in different ways.

Follow us on Instagram:  inspiringmums

Follow us on Instagram: inspiringmums

Honest Parenting is not "complaining"

I see it a lot online that we are told that kids are a miracle and that we should be grateful. I'm sorry but I have never come across a parent who isn't grateful for their little cherubs. I am most certainly one proud mumma, no matter what they do. Love them to bits....

I want to say that being HONEST in your parenting to other parents (or parents to be) is not about 'complaining' it is about being REAL. There's a difference, would you agree?

When I post my frustrations in parenting or I'm having a bad day or moment, I do this to show I am real and I have real issues or real parenting moments just like YOU. It's not about complaining or ungrateful what I have that others would kill for or have gone through far greater lengths to become parents than we did.

My son can be very challenging and he can also be extremely funny, happy and AWESOME! My daughter is pretty bloody easy now at 10 and she's very patient and understanding with Davey.

It's currently school holidays and the kids are bored, I wasn't feeling well today so we had a home day. But my boy being him... decided to take out every piece of clothing from his drawers and put them in the lounge room to make a castle tower. I could have cried and yelled and got cranky. I did a little but I decided to pick my battles, so I let him do it. I have to get him to sit on the toilet so I would rather battle that one than the mess in the lounge room... and he was happy... not crying or hitting anything! So I left him to it.

He's a short clip of him building his tower.... lol

Enjoy the ride ladies...

You are now on a rollercoaster ride with me, it's gonna have it's ups and downs and loops, but while we have taken off from the start... the ending is closer than it was. I can't talk about 'everything' going on in my world because some of it needs to be private, we need something for 'us' and quite frankly it's a very sensitive time for everyone.

It's not just about parenting, that just adds the element of surprise to each day, especially during the holidays. Not to mention, I'm trying my hardest to get my training in, studying and the medical appointments for Davey in as well.

Oh and now we have the lovely task of giving him laxatives without a flippn nappy and while he started to sit on the toilet, 3 days into the laxatives he will not sit on the toilet now.... joyous moments NOT.... it's not something I need to go into detail on I'm sure you don't want to know about the shitstorms I have to frequently deal with throughout the day, the cleaning up and the gagging moments I have.... again... I am NOT complaining, this is me keeping it real and sharing how I honestly feel about things right now. For me it is a bit of therapy too. 

Being honest with how I am dealing with everything, not just parenting is helping me to TRY to be positive by looking at the positives in my life; including the fact I will be a Personal Trainer by the end of the year, I am pretty fit and healthy, I will be competing in October and I have a great support network and friends. My kids are beautiful and I am loved by many I know and many I have never even met before.

Life has an incredible way of putting everything into place to give you want you are asking for. I feel like I am going through a whirlwind of emotions, challenges and triumphs but I will be damned if I let it break me or beat me.


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I hope you continue to enjoy my posts, the swearing is just me venting and keeping it real.. I swear I try not to swear too much, but if you can't handle it, please unfollow me because there will be more of it.... :)


x Hbomb

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