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{ Kids } Rebecca Burgess' Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes #autism #autismspectrum #spd

Rebecca Burgess'
Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum
to Crush Stereotypes ~ "The Mighty"

Before reading my post about the benefits of this comic to our family, please watch this short (2:33 minutes) video (posted May 2016).

Rebecca Burgess' complete article and comic in images can be found on "The Mighty":

Hey Mummabears!

Wow, this helped me understand my boy so much more and what others do with him! People and close family would say "there's nothing wrong with him, he's a regular kid doing what kids do" I agree that there's nothing "wrong" with him...BUT... this explains what happens with him, crowds, noises, conversations etc... starting to make more sense to me.

If another person tells me "but he doesn't look or act like he is autistic in any way" I'm gonna fucking lose my shit! Live with him day in day out and over a few days you'd see what I see!

Before I go into the concerns I'll highlight the awesome things we all see! He's so fucking funny! A true comedian! He's smart and logical especially when he's in control and playing his PS4 Games. He can be so loving and sweet and say the most beautiful and nice things. He will hug, kiss and look at me in my eyes. We will say "you look beautiful mum". He can have fun when he's finally settled and knows where he's at. He can make friends easily. He is my beautiful kid and I wouldn't change anything about him!

To others when they object to the concerns I have, I would say:

"so the head banging and self harm when he gets angry is normal to you then?"


"so why does he have a meltdown when he is asked a question like - do you want toast for breakfast?"


GoPro Adventures of David Part 2 😂😂 . #myboy #gopro #goprohero4 #nextyoutubestar #playing #myson #spd #autism #happeningnow

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"so why is it that when he plays in the sand pit, 2 seconds later he needs to be cleaned?"


"So why does he retreat behind me when confronted with his friends at kinder and need to be in the comfort corner until he's settled?"


"so why is it that his brain has told him that sitting on the toilet causes pain so he has to stop sitting and stop the poo entirely?"


"so why is it that he needs to touch, stroke or be surrounded in soft things?"


"so why is it that loud noises upset him and he covers his ears and runs away all the time?"


"so why is it that he has a meltdown about leaving the house nearly every time unless pre-warned several times?"

I could go on... but you get the point. All of these and there are more, lead me to understand more about his specific needs and help him be the best version of himself he can be.

I know he isn't officially assessed, but the specialists and his mumma knows what we have with him, that's why we are getting him help now.

We know what he needs. 
Big love


PS: sorry for the Fbomb's :) xx

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