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{ Kids } My Son Has Sensory Processing Disorder #SPD #SensoryChild


Hi Mums!

So... my boy David has just turned 5. :)

We saw the OT this week and we are looking at speech, diet, communication, behaviour and continence.

Gosh, some days (like today) was great. He was fantastic in the OT appointment, for the first time he drew pictures and even on the whiteboard, but struggled when asked to do something and put his fingers in his ears and laid in my lap. He can't do questions, even as simple as asking if he would like toast for breakfast he has a melt down.

The OT was really impressed when I said I worked out that if I give him something soft and fluffy he calms down immediately. So I did that, wrapped him in a fluffy blanket as well and gave him toast, he ate it without a whimper.

Our biggest issue is continence, he will not poop in the toilet, he holds it and it gets big, like, mansize big! Poor little sausage :'( so we are back to nappies because we have to use Movicol Junior to soften his stools and it's not pleasant at all. He is fine to pee in the loo, just not poo because he associates the pain with the toilet.

He goes to school next year, starting at end of January/early Feb so we have some time to get him sorted.

He is getting better at social interactions and relationships but prefers to play alone. He can't handle sounds very well it's very distressing for him "too loud too loud" he says at most things, the hair dryer, kettle, running water in the bath, the blender, vacuum, dog barking :(

Even clothing, I took out some cord pants he has worn before yesterday and I didn't even attempt to put them on him, he just touched them and said no I want soft and fluffy ones mum. My daughter was the same in many ways. She is nearly 10.

Feel like there's such a long road ahead for him and us. What hurts is that everyone around me in my family said I was mad. Said it was all in my head. That I am being too worried and he is just a kid with quirks. I love his quirks but how can I help him be the best version of him if I overlook some of his basic and specific needs. People are so quick to judge before they see it for themselves aren't they.

This week I feel relieved to know that the kinder teachers, the OT and the doctors all validated my concerns. I am not mad.. (well maybe a little!) I'm not 'over-mothering' I'm actually very observant and receptive to what my son needs, and you know what, at least "I" am, when everyone else is completely ignorant to what is going on.

So today, I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back for that, say well done mum because my son now gets funded therapy by the government to get him ready for life as we know it.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mums celebrating this Sunday xx

Big love xx Heather

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