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{ Life } I am of service to you, this is my Soul work, my SoulFire!

Please watch this first....

SoulWork is not "Work" to me it is "FIRE" so let's call it "SoulFire" instead!‪ #‎SoulFire‬

It is the part of us that is purely and unequivocally us. It is the best version of all of our qualities and attributes. You could say a "blueprint" of who we are or who we could become.

The soul.

SoulFire to me is bringing the essential self into being - the soul - out of hiding. It's a shift toward the art of living from our soul. It breathes passion and happiness, burning life fire in our bellies of life.

It affects every aspect of our lives. The journey is not for the faint of heart as it is the purpose of your life. It becomes the unending desire to move mountains toward wholeness not just for you but for others.

Heather James Inspiring Mums®

My soul is on fire right now, the love I feel from you, my friends, my Hbombers, supporters and family is the oxygen that feeds my soul to continue on my destined path to give and help others.

This is my SoulFire. It is not work, it is my purpose to serve. I have been given the challenges in life to fulfill my destined path in life to be of service, to help others heal, love, be happy and live inspired.

My love for you all sets my soul on fire with happiness.

Remember this, the Universe wants you, me and others to be happy and fulfilled, give, take, give some more, it's all cycles, what we give we can back and vice versa....

Thank you for setting my soul on fire this week, I am clear on my destiny and purpose thanks to you ...

Blessings my angels...

xx Heather

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