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{ Kids } Learn How Foster Care Saved My Life...

Imagine this.... at the age of 3.5 you witness the horrendous result of your mother's suicide from a gunshot wound to the head.

Then you watch on while your father's 2nd marriage is falling apart in front of you, resulting in a nervous breakdown and your young lives being threatened.


Then you are shipped off to a large unfamiliar building with other children and your siblings, wondering what is going on and why. You are given food and cared for, but by whom... who are these people?

Then you are taken to house, but, it is not your house, these are not your toys, beds, and clothes.

You are loved, you play games, you watch two beautiful people ball dance around the lounge room. You laugh, you have good food (even if you don't like it), you learn to tie your shoelaces, you have clean clothes, you have a warm bed, you have a peaceful loving, calm environment to live in.

You are safe and loved.

This is what I experienced as a young girl if it wasn't for the care provided by organisations like Anglicare Victoria, my family would not be here today. I would not have my 2 beautiful children and I would not be inspiring mums to live an inspired life to smile & shine every day as I now do.

Today, I am able to share my story and give back in the best way I know, to use my social influence, marketing, and online savviness to reach out to a broad audience and inspire you to help children and families like ours, to have hope, to have a chance and life through unforeseen challenges and circumstances in life.

I appeal to you, your kind heart, your willingness to give and your love for keeping families together.

Imagine this... what if it was your family, or someone you know and love...

Give now and help those who need it most.

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Thank you and blessings to everyone sharing, giving and supporting in whatever way you can right now.

Big love
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