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{ Kids } Kinder Surprise! Catwoman Arrives Putting Smiles on Little Dials!

Heather James Inspiring Mums as Catwoman #CosplayMums #Cosplay

Heather James Inspiring Mums as Catwoman #CosplayMums #Cosplay

*Enter Catwoman... Hbomb's on a tea break* ;P

So, today I chose to entertain the kids and my son at his kinder this morning! We had sooooooooooo much FUN, I can't explain in words you how much of a buzz I got from it, it was ELECTRIC! I felt like a kid again! No worries, no hang ups just giggles and wiggles :)

The laughter of 20 4-5 year olds all talking and asking questions 100 miles an hour all at the same time is PRICELESS! They LOVVVVED CATWOMAN!

We crawled on the floor and meowed like real kitty cats, we pretended to be sleepy cats, we talked about our pets names, we made up stories about cats, we discussed what we know about cats, we danced and did yoga and cardio (at their request too!).

Oh and the girls played with my long hair (a wig obviously!) and everyone tried on my Catwoman ears smile emoticon I showed them the funny faces we can make on Snapchat (they have a cat theme at the moment it was fun!) We did puzzles and Lego together and I was hugged and kissed and I honestly loved every second of it! The staff thought it was amazing and loved it too, they couldn't thank me enough!

Today, I rediscovered something about myself; the happiest I will ever be is authentically me, which is ultimately bringing happiness to those around me. It doesn't always happen though but today I achieved that and it's like a drug! I am so doing THAT again! The kids want me to come back as Bat girl or WonderWoman! LOL we will see, but, WHY THE HELL NOT!

Fun! Kinder surprise!!! #happeningnow #cosplaying #mums #funmums #beafunmum #hbomb #catwomancosplay #kinder

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Some people will never be happy no matter how hard you smile at them, no matter how much you try to make them laugh, no matter how much you love them, it is all choice. Some people will choose to live in misery, it doesn't mean you have to live there with them. It's your choice.

You can choose to place yourself in the world of hurt and pain, over and over and over and over again, or... you can choose to embrace the love and happiness shared with you and for you or you can push it away and let it find a new home.

Your choice.

Today, for no reason at all but to make people happy and smile, I stepped out in a costume, even when I was looked at like a complete nutter. I do not care what negative people think about what I do or how I do it, the kids bloody LOVED IT! So did the staff and they were STILL talking about it at 4pm when I picked up my son. THAT, my friends, is worth every minute of initial embarrassment because one or two people might think it is 'weird' or 'eccentric' to me it is 'artistic' and 'creative'! Get the hell over it I say! LOL I'm not nuts, I'm fun! There's a distinctive difference between the two!

Fun! I missed my calling in life! 😆 #hbomb #happy #cosplaying #kinder #kids #funwithkids #mums

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I will no longer hide behind what 'the norm' expect of me, I will shine brighter than the sun shines to bring my love of life to everyone I meet, no matter how eccentric it appears to be to those who are close minded and negative.

Today, 20 kids and 20 families have been touched by the Hbomb aka (for today) Catwoman. These families will have happy little vegemites tonight. Not just because I helped burn some of that energy, but I gave them exciting things to talk about, think about and do, this will engage their mind, their imaginations and interests. They will be happier and have learned how easy it is to make people happy from one small act of kindness.

Tonight as I go to sleep I will be thinking about those happy little faces and how they turned my frown upside down too....

Meoow.... ;)

xx ‪#‎Hbomb‬ aka Catwoman aka Inspiring Mums :)

PS: That's why my friends call me the Inspiring Mum... it's how I roll 

PPS: Sneak peak! SPONSOR ME! I need a minimum of $850 (currently need 776.41!) to do the abseil as Catwoman please donate today the opportunity is on Saturday get me there and help me raise awareness and funds for kids in foster care! Thank you!!! 

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