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{ Health } WEEK 7 - Body Transformation Overview - March 2016 #Inspiringmumsfit


Hey Angelpies!

Thanks for joining my Week 7 overview today! So, this week has been good exercise and food wise... BUT... I seem to have plateaued out this week :(. It's ok, as I'm putting it down to food and they new protein I am using as it's not working for me :/ so no further change in my waistline, which is my key indicator for weight loss at the moment, but I can make it up in the weeks to follow I'm sure. I also think I may have had too many calories this week!

I actually had a really shit week, it started out very stressful with high emotions and a challenging situation, but I also had some great moments in the week too.

Firstly, though, I had to take myself off social media for the week though to get my head in a more positive place to deal with some personal confrontations. I'm not a confrontational person and I do try to focus on the positives, but this situation did bring me unstuck for a number of reasons. I am hoping it settles down so I can just focus on my own life for now, I have enough going on without the added stress and worry to be honest.

I really REALLY did not want to or like taking myself offline at all, it actually mad me very angry. I am on a particular journey and I am trying to keep my consistency in my posts going. This is what I started and I want to stay on track until I have reached my targets. Those that interfere with this journey, even if they think they are helping are not especially if I am forced to take myself offline. I tried to look at the positive in it, that digital time out is good sometimes.

Then my son David, who is only 4, is struggling with toileting, I nearly had to take him to emergency :( poor little sausage. We managed to get through the other side but not without loads of tears for at least 2-3 days. Not a great part of the week.

So I just felt so drained from emotions of the week and worry that having time out was in fact good for me :)


Achieving the fitness successes I have had over the last 7 weeks has given me such a spring in my step! It's a feeling of liberation, satisfaction and gratitude. Having successes in the gym with muscle gains and weight loss, hitting targets and gaining confidence is simply addictive! I love seeing others who GET IT, celebrating with me on the journey too and sharing their successes with me!

But I don't want to celebrate too much and get ahead of myself, I need to stay focused as I still have a long way to go with this, but I'm surely not where I was. I still pinch myself on what I've achieved so far and to be honest, it hasn't been that hard! Of course there are hard days... but the 45-60 minutes working out, being pushed goes really fast, it's over before you know it!


Inspiring Mums is my SOUL purpose and SOUL work (if you want to call it work I call it PASSION so it's not work at all :D) I don't do it because I HAVE to, I do it because I WANT to and I know I am helping people, so that lights me up inside.

So this week, I wanted to make sure I stay true to my purpose and bring down the ego a little ;) as well as take some stress relief being such an emotional week. 

I took to a meditation class and talk at Brahmah Kumaris in Frankston South, Victoria (they have locations around Australia also). They started with a guided recorded meditation, to which I cried a little, it asked the question "Who ARE you?" I guess part of me knows and part of me is in a whirlwind of all sorts of thoughts and emotions around this, hence the tears. I am finding my truth and balance but it is coming with its own challenges I have discovered.

The talk was on the SOUL and the EGO and defined each of them and discussed how we get ourselves into the EGO through life challenges and problems. We discussed ways we can get back to our soul work, our soul purpose and divine happiness of complete contentment with everything in life. I could see how I am moving away from the SOUL and further towards the EGO which is not what I want. NO NO NO... however I raised my hand and discussed that part of what I am doing right now is to "compare" and be "competitive" in a sense and that I am required to be aware and conscious of my physique to enable me to reach my goal of winning a bikini FITNESS competition. This is not just about LOOKING good in a bikini, for me, as I shared with the group, it is about educating my children on healthy eating, planning and a positive active lifestyle. For me, it is about inspiring others (especially YOU!) to get up and move, be active, change something you don't like or that isn't working for you. I want to encourage and motivate those who think "I can't do this!" well if I can YOU CAN! I'm no different to anyone else! I have access to the same food, exercise and resources as you do.

I'm glad I went, it gave me a lot to consider on how I communicate my inspiring fitness journey so that it is SOUL focused rather than EGO focused. I think sometimes it is interpretation from the external sources that bring me unstuck, but I know deep down that this is a SOUL based journey and that is my full intention to bring happiness, inspiration and education to those on this journey with me.


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This week I made a pact to myself to create a sanctuary from the people who want to derail me from my journey because of jealous, obsessive or controlling behaviours... those who want to sap my positive energy because they are lacking their own. I have to put a shield up and protect myself... and my family. I am now making my circle of friends and trusted connections smaller. This week scared me, I felt I put my family at risk simply for doing what I do. That made me so angry. I make mistakes, I need to confide in friends and family but now I feel I am at risk if I do. So, my sanctuary is now within and refocusing on my family, love, happiness and togetherness. I don't want to hurt or upset anyone, but seems because of the changes I am making it's all I seem to be doing, unintentionally. People close to me are afraid, threatened or even jealous, but it's my journey not theirs, I'm doing this for me to be a better version of me, not to upset the apple cart.

So, I need to create a safe place for me to be me, with warts'n'all, where I can be wrong, make mistakes, be imperfect, fall apart, come back together, celebrate and refocus without having to constantly justify every, word, thought or action. It's completely draining. I'm not giving it away so freely again.

My sanctuary is...

  • My family
  • My health
  • My time
  • My life
  • My business

This week I caught up on life's moments that go by so fast...

This week may have brought its fair share of challenges, I know that there will be more along the way and you know what that is fine, I will get through it, again... What I WILL NOT give any time or energy to is people getting in my way to achieve what I am here to achieve, not just in this fitness journey but in ANYTHING in life. Some people may think they are helping, when they are not. Life is too short to be living other people's illusions of what your life should be like. It's really lovely that people want to help, but when it becomes more of a strain or distraction, it takes the fun, joy and passion out of it. That's where I got to early this week. I wanted to throw everything in, walk away from everything because it got too much for me to deal with so many people's emotions. 

But I made a choice...

That choice was to continue on my planned journey no matter what because it is what makes me happy, not out of ego or selfishness, because this is what I am here to do and this is my purpose in life to inspire others. I won't apologise for who I am and continuing to do what I set out to do, I may lose my way every so often but I'm going to have to be accountable to that myself and to those dependent on me. I will not be trusting anyone outside of my close circle of current family and friends because what occurred to me this week is that people want my energy, because I'm happy (most of the time!), I'm energetic, vibrant and vivacious and they all want to "tap" into that. Some of them think they need to save me from myself, pftt... I so got this and if I don't, who's to blame but ME!

This week has been a turning point, a realisation and reality check, owning my faults, facing my fears, clearing out what and who is in the path in the way of my journey.

With Inspiration & Courage,

x Hbomb

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Quick Snapshot

Weight & Measurements:

  • Starting Weight: 61kgs | Waist: 88cm
  • Week 1 Weight: 59
  • Week 2 Weight: 57
  • Week 3 Weight: 57 | Waist: 84cm
  • Week 4 Weight: 56 | Waist: 83cm
  • Week 5 Weight: 56 | Waist: 82cm 
  • Week 6 Weight: 56? | Waist: 81cm
  • Week 7 Weight: 56? | Waist: 81cm - same

Note: I have stopped weighing myself simply because I can see the definition in my body and the changes I have made, I don't need to see the actual figure of weight loss I know I have lost weight.

Energy (food calories) Intake: (reduced this week)

Rest Day: 1400 p/d
Workout Days: 1800 p/d 

I think I did consume way more calories that I was intending too. Need to pull it back!

TIP: To be disciplined you need to remember why you started!


I have remained consistent with my training program of two PT sessions per week with Brooke (did I mentioned how awesome she is?) which is really helpful, can't stress enough the value on a good coach! So training 6 days a week with 1 rest day, working on shoulders, legs, chest and my favourite back!

The Check-In...

Muscle Tone

This isn't the best shot of my back muscles, but it's ok, it's way more defined than the start that is for sure. I haven't done much in the way of measurements or weighing myself this week, for me I can see the improvements visibly.

Yay my tummy is getting firmer everyday! 

I've introduced more ab work and it's helping a lot, no visible ab muscles YET, but the food is really helping to reduce bloating and fat from my torso. Happy dance!



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