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{ Social Media } Why I Refuse To Tell You To Turn On Your Instagram Notifications! #SMTips #inspiringmums

Heads Up Instagramming Mumma's!

Hey Mums, you know I am a keen Instagrammer (connect with me here >> @inspiringmums) as many of you are as well, let's connect if we are not already :). 

Instagrammers are not happy with the new newsfeed changes, which went off on Twitter recently. Instagram are changing how YOU see content in your Instagram newsfeed. This was bound to happen! No shock!

Firstly, don't freak out, it's ok. :)

Some people are freaking out a little and are asking you to "turn on your notifications" so you still see their updates...

Now, I have a different perspective on this which may cause debate amongst some in the social media world, but seriously? change what YOU or your audience already does so you don't have to put in the work to keep them engaged?! PFFTT! You don't deserve them to stay if you can't keep them engaged with meaningful, interesting, engaging, consistent content!

If you are using Instagram, like I am, to create a meaningful community you don't really need to do anything, in my humble opinion.

I have simply asked them to stay engaged, keep doing what they are doing, change nothing, because they will keep seeing me if they remain liking and commenting. It is as simple as that. If they drop off the radar, then they have moved on... so should you ;)

Instagram Social Media Tips For New & Current Users

My Social Media Tip for the new changes to Instagram... IMPROVE YOUR CONTENT! Keep your audience engaged by providing good consistent content that they love to see from you. Be real!

It's time to play your ACE card people!


Have a call-to-action in your profile description (ie. Sign up for our.... and provide the direct link to the option).

Use Hashtags

Think of them like the arms of an Octopus reaching out to the people talking about the same topic. Yes it is about getting followers, but it's about connecting with the right followers. There is nothing wrong with wanting and actively working on growing your tribe. Then there is converting them to email subscribers and customers, which you can't do if you are not engaging, real, giving value and connecting consistently.

Engage With Your Audience

It's all well and good to ask them to engage with YOU to like and comment on your posts, but if you don't engage with them, you will lose them.

Improve Your Content

Don't ask them to CHANGE their current behaviour in fear of losing them... focus on KEEPING them engaged and CHANGE or IMPROVE upon what YOU do.

People do not like change, everything is too hard, there are too many distractions, people get bored, annoyed and lose interest very quickly.

Keep them there, FEED their desire for what interests them. If you already have them following you, how will you keep them interested? Be innovative, evolve and improve what YOU DO!

If you are scared to be lost in the newsfeed, you need to change what you do to stay in their feed. Simple.

Your Profile

Update your profile photo, make it clear and relevant to your content and overall brand.

Logos are great, but, personally I like to see someone's face. A smile goes a long way. A clear and clean background helps the eye to see the small profile picture clearly and be remembered.

Edit your profile description, make it relevant to what value you bring.

I add a link to my latest blog so they can go straight there without having to trawl through my blog site, I am saving them time and hassle, they want it straight away, so give it to them.

When you use Emoji's (images like stars etc.) not all of them are translated across the internet. So, sometimes, if you use emoji's from your mobile they come up as squares on the browser. So consider maybe using and testing one's that are visible across platforms, or not use them at all. You only have a short space of online real estate to describe and sell yourself, optimise the area 100%!


Instagram is about storytelling with images and videos. Be consistent with your photos, if you take family pics, do family pics. If you do landscape photography, show what you do. If you do food do it, if it is lifestyle show lifestyle.

The first 6 photos on your profile gives the instagram users a quick snapshot of what you are about, they will judge your profile on what they see in those most recent 6 photos at the top of your profile.

Be fun, be real, make the photos good quality and consistent with your brand (if for business) or personality. People will follow if they want to.

Authenticity goes a long way on Instagram, yes sex sells, but keep it humble.

Follow & Unfollow

I find it so annoying to be asked "Like for Like" or "Follow for Follow" I follow enough profiles in fact I have maxed out and you can only unfollow up to 100 profiles per hour.... I use an program and some mobile apps to unfollow profiles from time to time for a bit of housekeeping and I let it run for a few days.

Just have to be careful using it, and you actually may unfollow people you want to keep following. It's not a foolproof way but I need to reduce my followings - a lot, only way I can do it right now.

Follow who you want to see in your newsfeed, it's that simple, no you don't have to like everyone and if you unfollow accounts, some automated accounts will unfollow you as well. Be prepared for the rollercoaster on that one ;)

Connect Your Profiles

Link up Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and other accounts make sure you are updating regularly and engage, engage, engage!

There are more tips but I do hope these will help :)

Good luck out there in Instagramland!

I'm no Instagram Expert, I have learned a few things and I hope this helps you through this recent change on the very popular Instagram app!

Happy Snapping! 

x Hbomb

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