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{ Health } WEEK 9 - Body Transformation Overview - March 2016 #Inspiringmumsfit


WEEK 9 of my body transformation journey #inspiringmumsfit here's an overview looking at my ROUTINE, REFOCUSING on my goals and RESULTS big and small on this journey. It's been a busy week of FUN too, check it out! ENJOY!

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Hey Lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with me on my Week 9 (14-20 March) of my fitness journey! :) YOU ROCK!

So this week, I still had my daughter home from school with Chickenpox which just didn't help, and my son didn't want to go to kinder/childcare and would crack it when I would try to take him. I was a little restricted in when I could go to the gym, I chose to go in the afternoons but I missed two days this week :( not happy.

Although, what did make me happy is that I had a positive job interview and I wore my new Size 8 Forever New outfit I bought and I felt so comfortable and relaxed. I didn't get the job, but it was only down to me and one other person. A positive experience none-the-less, so you never know what the future will bring. Got a new outfit so all good ;) 

Oh and it's been a busy weekend of fun for this lil mumma, got invited to VOGUE AUSTRALIA's EASTLAND SHOPPING CENTRE Bloggers Workshops and got to meet Tash Sefton from They All Hate Us!


Seriously, you are missing out if you don't make this ;) just saying!


You don't appreciate just how much a routine is important to you until it's broken, like this week (and last week) has been. It is what it is, but it really threw me out. Week 10 next week marks the refocus one my goals and routine.

Routine is great because you know where you are at, you know what you need to do and you know there are results that follow if you do it!

It's about the food too, I have set reminders in my mobile photo to go off when I need to eat. I love it when my boy says,

It's time to eat!"

To me this does a few things:

  1. He is learning that reminders are beneficial, even for mummy's!
  2. He is learning that it is important to eat regularly!
  3. He is learning that it's food is positive and I'm not starving myself to loss weight.

You know yesterday he asked me:

"Mum, what did you do at the gym today?"

I love the fact he is watching me and asking questions about what I do, show's he is inquisitive and each time I answer I make sure he knows it's a positive, growing, learning experience, even for me.


I think I lost focus this week with job interviews, kids and life that I let things slip in food and exercise. So I need to refocus on the goals I've set, the routine I had that was actually working and the food I am consuming. I let that slip a little too, not much but enough to know I need to pull my head in! It's not just about protein shakes and water!

Going to the ARNOLD'S CLASSIC AUSTRALIAN TOUR on Saturday gave me such positive motivation to keep going and to refocus. I got to meet and speak to very inspiring fitness athletes and pick up some great supplements I wanted to try at least so I can see what will work for me.

A big shout out to these guys for taking the time to chat and give me tips!



This week I realised something, despite me 'thinking' I wasn't getting results, I actually was! They are small results but positive results.

I realised that no matter how small the results are, they are still there and to be acknowledged for sure! I can be a little hard on myself so I am learning to go easy as progress is progress!

Gotta keep my eyes on the prize ladies.... is Red my colour? ;)

So all in all a massive week of fitness, fun and fashion.

I have loads I can improve oncoming into in Week 10 and onwards and I can't wait. I have to keep remembering this is the lifestyle and goal I have chosen and that I am still in the very early days of the journey.

It's that time again, 3:00pm pick up, it's time to pick up the kids, walk the dog, go to the gym and make dinner!

We have now started Week 10 and I can't wait to smash it out, oooh and I'm making some protein balls for my Easter Egg Hunt for Easter Sunday, don't forget to stop by and check out the recipe for that!

Looking at doing 2 workouts a day in the weeks ahead... #INSPIRINGMUMSFIT

With Inspiration & Courage,

x Hbomb

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Quick Snapshot

Weight & Measurements:

  • Starting Weight: 61kgs | Waist: 88cm
  • Week 1 Weight: 59
  • Week 2 Weight: 57
  • Week 3 Weight: 57 | Waist: 84cm
  • Week 4 Weight: 56 | Waist: 83cm
  • Week 5 Weight: 56 | Waist: 82cm 
  • Week 6 Weight: 56? | Waist: 81cm
  • Week 7 Weight: 56? | Waist: 81cm - same
  • Week 8 Weight: 56? | Waist: 81cm - same :(
  • Week 9 Weight: 56? | Waist: 80.5cm - phew!

Energy (food calories) Intake: 

Rest Day: 1600 p/d
Workout Days: 2000 p/d 

It's very challenging to build muscle and lose weight at the same time I have found!

TIP: Go with what works for you!


In October 2016, I will be competing in the ANB Female Swimsuit Model Novice Division I'm not nervous at all, just very excited! The time seems to be creeping up on me though, it may be about 38 weeks away but there is SOOOO much work to be done and your tone and muscle just doesn't happen over night. You have to be consistent, you have to put in the work to get the results ANNND you have to eat to fuel the growth in muscle!

So really, I have only got 16 Weeks until I need to start really prepping for the competition, ordering my bikini etc. Considering we are already heading into Week 10, this is freaking me out a little!

This means I really need to record my macros and food much more diligently than I have been which is no doubt why I haven't budged much in my waistline size the last couple of weeks. Refocus time... 


No PT this week, had to push through on my own :/ not happy about that, but it is what it is.

Kelly S. - NSW sent me a message via Facebook to ask me this:

"I'm curious how you push yourself without the security of your trainer?"

My SHORT answer is this, I get ANGRY... ;) I realise it probably isn't the answer you might expect from me, the "Inspiring Mum" and all, but it is what I do.

I also close my eyes and VISUALISE! I see myself on stage, in my tiny-weeny bikini in the shape I want to be in, feeling confident, happy and out to WIN! It's part of manifesting that I love the most. I can create almost any visual I want and I use it to fuel me to push through what I need to at the gym, even when I don't have my PT.

The Check-In...

What can I see?

I can see the definition in my calf muscles, where in the start of all this I didn't have any! Result!

I can see that my biceps are growing and firming really well and I am much stronger each time I go to the gym. I can do more push ups and lift heavier weights.

I can see my back muscles when I flex my back. It's such a hard area to get defined but I can see the changes, small but steady.

I can see that my abs are becoming more visible, ever so slightly.

I can see that my legs are becoming leaner and thinner, my hamstrings are taking shape and my bootay is firming up... just gotta get it to LIFT! Julia told me at the Arnold's: 

"Bootay work everyday!" - Julia Woodford, Bikini Mobel

Hehe ok Julz! Thank you!! :)


I have to be honest, I've not been counting my calories, macros or anything. Yes! I'm serious about this journey but it does get a bit much to be honest!

I've just stripped it back to basics, loads of veggies, chicken, spices and herbs! Prepping chicken and cooking it on the BBQ makes life easier too :) check this out, 3 different ways to have my chicken this week. With varied sides including salad or rice and veg.

Catch up here...