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{ Health } WEEK 5 - Body Transformation Overview - February 2016 #Inspiringmumsfit


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Hi Lovelies!

Well starting Week 5 and BOOYAH...! 1 more centimeter off my waist gone this week! (I'm really digging these positive results just quietly... OH STUFF QUIET! LET'S CELEBRATE!!!) That's a total of 6 cm off my waist, this has been my biggest problem area from the start! I'm so happy! 

Gosh, if you said to me I would be celebrating this fitness success 5 weeks ago, I would have laughed at you! This is insane! But I did work hard for it with a couple of PT sessions and really keeping my meals as clean as possible. I'm still having the protein shakes, which are great, but have to make sure I burn those calories too. 

I upped the cardio this week to burn more calories and cut my weight down and the results speak for themselves. I was hoping and aiming for another 1 cm off, wasn't sure I would get it as I felt the previous week I had slipped a bit, but no I am on track!


Overall my health has had a remarkable improvement from better sleep, skin condition and softness, more energy, less afternoon tiredness, greater desire to continue to exercise or keep moving, better gut health and less overall pain issues.


In general terms I am happier within myself. While I have tough days, I seem to be able to deal with them ok. Not all the time though. I'm happy to be doing what makes me smile, I love to cook and create, that makes me happy. I am working on my 'within happiness' I have to say there's much to be done there, but I am better than I was. There's things I need to look at, change and forgive myself for, which I haven't yet, but that will come in time.


My family are noticing the improvement in my mood. No mood swings during my cycles, well not as emotional or sensitive. I used to get a lot of hot flushes, using around that time of the month, with night sweats that would last days before and after. I've only had one night this month where I had night sweats, which is a vast improvement. My hormones seem more settled now, which I am very grateful for! So all this clean eating seems to have such a broad range of benefits that's for sure. Oh and I used to crave chocolate all the time, now I don't. Weird, I don't really miss it either.

Fave Recipe of the week!

Pork Medallions & Veggies with fresh chilli

Get out into the sunshine!

Yes the gym is important, but so is spending quality time with people you love, going outdoors and enjoying the sunshine! Vitamin D is essential, sure put on a hat and sunscreen, but get a little sunshine on you, it's good for you, everything in moderation though :) My boy Davey and I went off to the beach on a beautiful afternoon and it was so fun!

Fun! This lil Mumma is happy now, got a date with my boy at the beach! #inspiringmumsfit #beach #melbourne #wavesfrankston #sunshine

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It's great that you have stopped by to catch up on what I'm doing with the fitness and food, I really love doing it and love sharing what I have learned with you too! Don't forget to leave a comment below and share with me what you love the most and what you have learned here too, or just say HI so I know you have stopped by :)

With Inspiration & Courage,

X HBomb x

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Quick Snapshot

Weight & Measurements:

  • Starting Weight: 61kgs | Waist: 88cm
  • Week 1 Weight: 59
  • Week 2 Weight: 57
  • Week 3 Weight: 57 | Waist: 84cm
  • Week 4 Weight: 56 | Waist: 83cm
  • Week 5 Weight: 56 | Waist: 82cm !! (I've stopped weighing myself going off just measurements)

Energy (food calories) Intake: (same as last week)

Rest Day: 1800 p/d
Workout Days: 2000 p/d 

  • Carbs 20% (80-100g)
  • Fats/Oils 30% (67g)
  • Protein 50% (250g)


x2 PT sessions this week felt like I could have pushed harder though. I wasn't as sore the following days after the training, possibly because I am stronger now and my muscles are recovering quicker and I am using them all everyday now so they don't get as sore.

Thankfully I have only had two 4am starts at the gym this week, I can handle that. They are getting easier to do and I love starting the day so early.

Added more cardio this week to lose more weight, it's a fine balance because I don't want to cut into my new muscle gains.

Having fun with your exercise and food is the best way to get through this - If it ain't fun don't do it! May a music playlist, get a Gym Buddy to train with, make new friends at the Gym, go outdoors and do something different!

The Check-In!

1 more centimeter off my waistline this week! So excited I can't tell you, the results from everything I am doing is showing fast and I am very happy about it!

Still a looooong way to go to reach my targets but I am well on the way and not looking back now!

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