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{ Health } WEEK 4 - Body Transformation Overview - February 2016 #Inspiringmumsfit


Hey Angels!

OMG! Seriously A-W-E-S-O-M-E start to the week with my measurements, losing another 1cm off my waist (5cm in total so far!) and getting the results I am literally working my ass off for!

To see the results gives me validation and confirmation of the hard work and effort I have put in! So worth it and felt awesome to see the results, surreal actually, even gave myself a pat on the back!

I started the week great, but, I did feel a bit off; I had a sore throat and legs day with my PT just smashed me! It took the whole week to actually recover and walk without pain. I have booked in more sessions with my PT trying to work in at least twice a week. I really value the support, advice and encouragement from my PT Brooke from Nitro Gym in Carrum Downs, she knows her stuff and pushes me hard! I had days I didn't want to go to the gym, but I sucked it up and pushed on! 


This week for me has been about seeing a change in the home front in terms of more CALM. My son, love the little dude, he's 4.5 and was for a while there, punching and kicking me everyday. I do my very best to stay calm myself, because I know he just finds it hard to communicate.

Since my mood has improved in terms of less crying (ok, I cried at the wedding!) but my mood has improved overall and so has his; he has stopped punching and kicking me and in general we are having more fun together! We play Skylanders on the Playstation, we go out to the toy shops for a look around (cheaper than a play centre!)

Happy mummy and happy son. YAY!

I learned this week that not only do I need this fitness and health journey, but my family need me to do it as well! At least the fitness, because it has balanced me out!


Over the week, I've felt really at ease with the routine of exercise and eating regularly. I've got my schedule sorted out and only had two 4am gym sessions this week so not too much pressure on getting up so early. It's actually not as much of an effort as I thought it would be, I'm getting used to it. I love making and thinking about the meals. I will have to be a lot cleaner with my meals in the coming weeks though, I am craving more serious results!

I think when you make the commitment you are going to do this (then plaster it all over bloody social media! bahaha) it keeps you accountable and keeps it real! It keeps my eyes on the prize and focused on the goals! :) I have committed to ME and my wellness and aiming to achieve something I never thought I would ever do.


I've created some very cool meals this week. I had prepared ingredients on Monday to reheat or cook and my fridge is chokers, it worked really well. I love to eat fresh meals. So I will continue on that plan for as long as I can. Creating meals now is fun, I like experimenting with flavours and textures that work together well. I'm focusing on healthy, simple and easy to create meals that can be duplicated by you in real time, no hours!!

Fave Recipe of the week!

Spicy Crunchy Cauliflower

Being Healthy & Having Fun Too!

Ok so being on a "fitness journey" doesn't mean you can't still LIVE, everything in moderation I say! I went out and had a few drinks at my friends wedding. OK, I got a little bit tipsy, ok maybe a little more than tipsy, but for someone who rarely drinks it didn't take much! It was fun, but now I have to refocus on the goals!

No more weddings in the diary, so I can focus on seriously leaning down and toning up, I'm going to be at a stand at FitExpo in 29 April/May this year, so I want to be lean! I have such a long way to go (my arms look better though!), but I am seeing great results and I can't believe I've lost 5cm already! Squeee!

Brooom broom ladies! My friends Hayley & Rob are now Mr & Mrs! Check out their wedding rides! Phwarrrr! #wedding #monsalvat #heavenlyconnected

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Thanks so much for stopping by today, really love that you are inspired and want to come on this journey with me! Let's start Week 5!

Watch the journey unfold daily at #inspiringmumsfit

With Inspiration & Courage,


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Quick Snapshot

Weight & Measurements:

  • Starting Weight: 61kgs | Waist: 88cm
  • Week 1 Weight: 59
  • Week 2 Weight: 57
  • Week 3 Weight: 57 | Waist: 84cm
  • Week 4 Weight: 56 | Waist: 83cm *TOOT! TOOT!*

Energy (food calories) Intake: (same as last week)

Rest Day: 1800 p/d
Workout Days: 2000 p/d
I've tweaked my calories for the days I workout where I need more energy and reduced it for the rest day. Still going with the same % of foods, because it's working! 

  • Carbs 20% (80-100g)
  • Fats/Oils 30% (67g)
  • Protein 50% (250g)

I have breakfast, lunch & dinner and snacks/protein shake. I always have a protein shake or something to eat before I go to bed. This makes a HUGE difference for me and the results I am getting. I have 100g carbs 20 mins after a workout out as well as a protein shake.


  1. Monday - Rest day play with my son/walk Roxy
  2. Tuesday - Legs with PT (took 6 days to recover!)/walk Roxy - 1.20 hours
  3. Wednesday - Chest & Back with PT/walk Roxy - 1.20 hours
  4. Thursday - Light Cardio Walk/Row Machine/Walk Roxy - 1.20 hours
  5. Friday - Cardio/Abs/Back/Arms/Walk Roxy - 1.20 hours
  6. Saturday - Light walk/Walk Roxy - 30 mins
  7. Sunday - Light Cardio/Arms & Shoulders/Walk Roxy - 1.20 hours

Consistency is the key to getting into the routine and discipline of exercise.
You will begin to crave it!
On the days you just don't want to go, push yourself to go. I did...

The Check-In!

Yeah baby! 5cm off my waist GOOOONE!

This week:

So, in Week 3 I aimed to be more prepared for this week 4, which worked out really well and flowed nicely. I've eaten heaps of food! You'll see from my photos they are full of life and colour and goodness.

I've had some cheat food this week due to weddings and parties, but what I will say is now I know why I was so tired all the time before this fitness journey... SUGAR! I haven't been tired (even getting up at 3:45am going all day until 8:45pm!) since going cleaner with my food. But on Saturday morning, I had some sweet and savoury food for a Hen's High Tea Party and when I got home I hit the wall HARD and I slept for 3 hours!! The next day I woke up in pain across my back ribs, which is a sign to me that I am intolerant to what I consumed. :(

I had fun though! Life is to be enjoyed and celebrated!

Cheat Day: High Tea with my girlz!

See my meals as they happen on Instagram!

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