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{ Health } WEEK 2 - Body Transformation Overview - January 2016


Howdy Mummabears!

Thanks so much for joining me again this week in a very busy and fun week! I wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank EVERYONE (mums, dads and non-parents) for the likes, comments and loves on my food shots! I am absolutely LOVING your feedback and only wish that you could taste what I make because it has been A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.
— Old Bodybuilding saying

The meals I have made this week have not been pre-prepared meals. Not following a "diet" or meal plan, however, I have been counting the CALORIES and MACRONUTRIENTS! This is SUPER, SUPER important you guys, more on that to follow. 

Please note before you read anymore... I am not a health professional or expert, I am following common sense, a little knowledge I have gained from some resources and experts and that's about it, please see your GP before embarking on a health change so you know what is right for you.

I will share what I know, what I do and my results, take what you need from that and go from there, deal?

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD and EXERCISE (burn more than you eat!) is absolutely KEY in losing weight and gaining the muscle you want. If you don't do it right, then you won't get the results you want. Simple as that!

~ FUN ~
Enjoy Working Out As Part Of Your Lifestyle And Make It A Routine.
Keep Moving, Keep Pushing Forward & Keep Focus On Your Goals.
~ FOOD ~
Make Your Food Healthy, Tasty, Colourful & Don't Miss A Meal!

I have been flying by the seat of my pants the last two weeks with food! I've done my best to make sure what I am consuming is high in nutritional values, low in sugars especially. Next week, I see my PT, I will get more structure and even better results in the gym and I have already prepared 2 days worth of meals so far to get me off to a good start.

I am happy with my own results but it can only get better from here, right!!!

I have had incredible results & Learnings this week!

Let me share some with you...

  1. CHEST: I'm down a whole bra cup size down to a DD!! Gosh, I hope they don't go down too much! 
  2. MUSCLE TONE: My tummy is starting to get some sort of shape rather than being round from one side to the other. I see "dips" I have never had these "dips" before! I can even see my ribs a little. Just a little! Yay, there's hope! Oh and my biceps and shoulders, especially after weights are starting to pop a little too! Oh and now I don't have cankles, I actually have calf muscles for the first time in years!!!
  3. WEIGHT: So far I have lost 3 kilos in the last couple of weeks! Now, I have stopped weighing myself because I do more weights than cardio and my muscles are more visible than ever before. So I am going off my measurements, visual changes and how my clothes fit. Ok, my muscles still need work, BUT, if this is what I can do in just two weeks, then look out for the months ahead! 
  4. SKIN: My skin is really clear and luminous right now. I am not getting pimples (usually get them on my chin especially a day after chocolate, namely Nutella!), people keep commenting on how nice my skin looks, so I'm taking that as a win!
  5. ENERGY: I'm feeling more energetic! I used to have an afternoon nap, or get tired through the day, even have dizzy spells, split vision and heart palpitations! Yeah! A flippn bloody mess some days! Not because I was overworking myself (thanks to those who are worried it's not that!) It was because I wasn't eating enough or at the right times and would let my insulin levels get so low my body was not doing so well and would "hit the wall" as I call it. So I have learned that when I start to yawn I need to eat a little something at least!!
  6. PELVIC AREA: My pelvic floor muscles are getting stronger especially as I have to strengthen them when doing the weights and running! 
  7. FITNESS: I can run longer and feel fitter in general, actually feel like I could keep running at a good pace without too much trouble, but I don't want to use my muscles on cardio because I want to build them. So a bit of running then more time on the weights, this is not to be BIG, this it to build strength and lose weight at the same time.
  8. MENTAL HEALTH: I've noticed my concentration levels have increased, I'm not so foggy-headed. Still no tears this week, almost but the floods in Geelong this week weren't created by me! YAY ME!! ;)
  9. GUT HEALTH! I also have some other parts of me that have improved because my gut health has improved and other improvements in my "female" health areas. HOWEVER, I have noticed that garlic and leek just ain't my friend :( I have tested it a few times and yes I can confirm it's a no go for me, so if I leave out garlic in my meals, you can add it! I will just have to pretend it's in the food from now on! lol
  10. SLEEP! OMG! I am sleeping sooooo much better! Halle-friggn-lujah! Enough said!

Past failures and misunderstandings...

Years ago, actually.... MANY years ago, in my 20's I used to go to the gym A LOT, I was a bit of a junkie! I would do the aerobics classes with my one-piece g-string bodysuit (LOL) and bike pants (holy shit did I just admit to that!!? *blush*), I would do weights and really thought I was doing well. I wish I knew then what I know now and I would have lost the weight, it was soo frustrating!! I was eating the WRONG type of food for my body type and for what I wanted to achieve! I was just doing it and I was still carrying around weight on my torso, mainly and I could never shift it! Now I KNOW why!! Argh! 

Now... fast forward some 20-odd years later.... (bloody hell now I feel old!) I am eating the right food for the goals I have set, these are not permanent lifestyle goals, these are goals to achieve a specific purpose to be on stage competing, that's it, I may only do it once. I'm in very early stages but I want to start out doing it right, or not at all. I've already seen INCREDIBLY fast results in muscle tone and weight loss because I have identified that my body type. All this on only with basic supplements and food.

Body Types...

I discovered what my body type is via the leading bodybuilding forum blog test: What Is Your Body Type? Take Our Test! - the main site is - this is where I also have a profile to track my progress (it's not as good or easy as MyFitnessPal). *not sponsored & safe*

Here are my results:

Fig 1: Screenshot of my body type test results, what are yours?

What happened after applying some of the recommendations above?

  • I'm NEVER HUNGRY! I have not had hunger pains in 2 weeks!
  • I have not woken up in agony across my back & ribs from the preservatives, additives, gluten, lactose, fructose intolerances I have, in the last 2 weeks!
  • My teeth and gums don't hurt from sugary foods and drinks!
  • ALL of the results I mentioned earlier in my post above, plus more.

This is why it is important to understand how your own body type works. Hope this helps you too!

Catch up with Week 1!

Catch up with Week 1!

Go to my COOK IT! blogs to find all of the recipes and meals I have been making and sharing with you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With Courage & Inspiration

Hbomb xx

PS: Again no sponsored links on this post :)

PPS: Make sure you are following me to keep updated as it happens!

Quick Snapshot


  • Starting Weight: 61kgs
  • Week 1 Weight: 59
  • Week 2 Weight: 57

Energy (Food) Calorie Intake:

Started on 1200 Calories per day

  • Carbs 10% (30g)
  • Protein 50% (150g)
  • Fat 40% (53g)

Next week updated to 2000 Calories per day

  • Carbs 20% (100g)
  • Protein 50% (250g)
  • Fat 30% (67g)

Oops! I wasn't eating enough for the amount of exercise I am doing!

Energy (Exercise) Calorie Burn:

1 hour per day with 1 day of rest

Burning at least 1500+ calories per week doing moderate cardio (running & stepper mill) plus weights changing every day, legs one day, back and chest another day, arms and abs another day. Recording the treadmill and stepper stats on my progress as a guide.


Recording and tracking everything via MyFitnessPal to ensure I am getting the Macronutrients etc.

Meals this week:

See my meals as they happen on Instagram!

  • Wake up have a Banana - go to gym
  • During Workout Creatine/Arginine
  • After workout Protein shake
  • Before Bed Protein shake or nuts (almonds)


  • Breakfast! Egg, Chicken, Avocado, Tomato, Basil
  • Lunch! Veggie Platter with protein shake
  • Dinner! Homemade Basil, Pine Nut & Chilli marinated Chicken, rice, stuffed tomato, capsicum and rice. 


  • Late Breakfast! Avocado, Tomato, Cucumber, Almonds, Flax seeds, Rainbow Salad Mix.
  • Late Lunch! Boiled Chicken, carrot, squash, broccoli. 
  • Dinner! BBQ Salmon, Asparagus, Mushrooms, Potato (sliced), beans, chilli, chives, capers & lemon, cooked in a little olive oil. 


  • Breakfast! G Lux Untoasted Muesli (Gluten Free), Strawberry & Blueberries with Skim Zymil Milk.
  • Lunch! Tuna Salad & Peach
  • Dinner! Boiled Chicken, Char grilled Squash & Zucchini, beans, in lentils, topped with cayenne pepper, chives & a squeeze of fresh lemon.


  • Breakfast! Protein shake with fruit. Double yolk farm fresh eggs with half an avocado.
  • Lunch! Boiled Chicken, homegrown yellow cherry tomatoes, Rainbow Salad mix with lentils, topped with chives, olive oil & cracked pepper.
  • Dinner! Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala in chicken stock (first attempt!) rice, beans & papadums


  • Breakfast! Protein shake, scrambled eggs (just egg), avocado, cherry tomato, topped with basil leaves & cracked pepper! Easy, quick and tasty!
  • Lunch! Protein Shake, nuts & blueberries.
  • Dinner! Pesto Chicken Zucchini Spaghetti, broccoli, sautéed tomato & roasted pine nuts.


  • Breakfast! Omelette with chives & mixed herbs, Bacon, Smashed mock-Pancake Stack, topped with cherry tomato & basil. 
  • Lunch! Whey Protein Berry-Banana Smoothie with Cinnamon, topped with G. Luxe Untoasted Muesli. 
  • Dinner! Stir fry Chicken, broccoli, purple cabbage, baby spinach in lemongrass, ginger, garlic, chilli, olive oil & a dash of soy sauce with rice. 


  • Breakfast! Bacon, poached egg, mushrooms & baby spinach. 
  • Lunch! Tuna & Avocado Rice Crackers with Cayenne & Cracked Pepper, topped with Tomato wedges.
  • Dinner! Slow cooked chicken with chick peas and leek, cooked in chicken stock, ground sage, turmeric, garlic, bay leaves, and cracked pepper. Spicy mashed Sweet potato, almonds, broccoli & beans.

What I currently look like this week:

What I looked like 16 wks ago...