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{ Style } So... I bought something NEW! Squeeee.....

I Wanted To Show You My New Dress!

What Does It Mean To Invest In Yourself?

Today, I invested in... ME and well, our future really.

I have to admit, I kinda feel selfish saying that, but here's the deal; if I don't, who will? Investing in yourself, can be fruitful in many ways and I have proven this over and over again. Maybe I am simply justifying my purchase, maybe not. Sure, I have a bit of mother guilt thinking, shit, the kids could do with new shoes or new clothes. But I look at it like this, I can smash the ball out of the park if I look, feel and present well in the meetings with brands, basically securing our immediate financial future.

To me, that's a sound investment.

About The Dress...

So here's the dress I bought from Bardot in Bayside Shopping Centre Frankston today. The girls there were so supportive and helpful (thank you!) I have to admit when the perky little blonde shop assistant suggested this dress, I was like;

"Shoot! I'm way too short for that dress!"

I'm 161cm, actually no, I am 161.5cm ;) hey every bit counts when you're my height! But when I tried it on it really does look, um, pretty amazing! I felt and looked taller, slimmer, comfortable and stylish! Check out what I'm wearing tomorrow, well at least at this point, I did change my mind this morning and that is a woman's prerogative, right ladies??

So, thank you if you voted on my red or green dress this morning, but while looking for a hairdresser to squeeze me in for a cut, colour and blow dry I stumbled upon this dress and it fits the 'motherhood blogger' theme of the meeting more than the more businessy dresses I already had. Plus, it's nice to buy something new once in a while ;)

When Bloggers Meet Brands...

Working with brands can be the ultimate bread and butter for many a Blogger. This means looking your best will help the brands have confidence in working with you. It's like a job or business interview and it's best to present yourself in a way that reflects style and professionalism.

Some style tips that came to me today:

  • Style in your own style, don't force it, ensure it flatters your best (or other) features.
  • Look at what you have in your wardrobe first, at least to save yourself some cash! Do what I did and ask your tribe to help you decide!
  • If your budget allows and what you have isn't the right fit for purpose, buy something new.

I'm meeting with a marketing agency for a brand campaign this week. I wanted to share with you what I am wearing (or as close to it as I can) and I hope you like it.  It has enough casualness about it that they would expect from me, as a family focused blogger, especially as they have seen my work.

I hope you find this outfit inspirational and I am excited to wear it and do the bum dance around the house in my new threads! 

Check out as it happens updates on Instagram @inspiringmums or social media hashtag #inspiringmumsstyleit 

If you have any questions about working with or connecting with brands, please pop your question below and I will be happy to share with you :)

x HJ

*not a sponsored post

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