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{ Life } Trust Your Crazy Ideas! #Heatherism

Morning Mums!

So I was surfing through my Facebook newsfeed and this quote by Johnny Depp popped up and it couldn't have come at a better time for me.


Why is it a good time? Well, because this week I was asked not to talk about anything I do with Inspiring Mums with my extended family (the inlaws). Why, oh why indeed my friends, why indeed... it breaks my very passionate heart in a million pieces.

Why was I asked this? Well, because they don't 'GET' it and they can at times be critical, judgmental and quite opinionated about things. I guess it was to protect me from a barrage of negativity I guess. That's just them. They don't GET ANY part of what I do from the blogging to the coaching to the writing.

*shakes head* 

I know I know right, WTF?!!

And here I am watching from afar, 700 other pro bloggers converge in the Gold Coast at the #PBevent this week and think to myself WOW! They must have so much support and their family must really must 'GET' it. *tears* It seriously breaks my heart that I haven't got that here. I talked about living a contradiction and again it rears its ugly head in this way too.

I have been very aware of how I communicate with my in-laws (not just the parents) about what I do and for the last, hmm say 4-5 years of my 7-8 year Inspiring Mums journey, I have basically had to shut my mouth and enjoy my own little world, on my own, all because I don't want to upset the applecart.

*sigh* In times like this, it is very hard to think positive, but I make a point of doing it!

I don't know if they just don't believe in me or that they are so far removed from this modern communicative, relationship driven, ultra-social online world, that they just don't 'get' it. Either way, it has forced me more and more into proving them wrong and proving to myself, I've GOT THIS.

I'm working on that one, but it's tough.

To me there is nothing to hide or 'get' as such, it is simply a way of life and lifestyle that works for not just me but US as a family. I'm a passionate, driven, successful person in pretty much anything I choose to do and I BELIEVE IN ME so it doesn't matter what they believe or say. I don't get why it is ok for everyone else in life to share with me about their day and what they like to do for work or play, but it's not ok for me to talk about what I do?

I just don't 'get' that! Does that seem fair to you??

So today's motivation and inspiration is to simply remember to TRUST YOUR CRAZY IDEAS! I've said it before and I will keep saying it! I'm gonna get a little passionate here, I honestly don't give a flying truck about what other people think and nor should you! YOU drive your GO TRAIN to the most amazing places, meet amazing people and achieve amazing things in life, don't give others the steering will they will run you into the river! 

Love what you do and do it well, the rest will follow.

That is what I believe anyway.

People will judge who you are, what you do, how you do it all before they even ask a single question, maybe that is a fight or flight things I don't know. Let them, don't buy into it.


I've shed enough tears on this crap to last me a lifetime and I am so over it! I am so over trying to get their approval, fuck it, I don't need their approval especially to help others!! Part of me felt compelled to let Inspiring Mums all go because of this turmoil, but the passion for it pulled me back into line. This IS my purpose, purpose will always bring you back. Part of me felt compelled to walk away from what I have at home because I am tired of hiding behind a blank mask to avoid upsetting the apple cart with others who simply don't get it. Or being 'muted' to keep the peace. It creates and builds resentment, anger, fear and animosity all of the emotions that go against what I believe in to have a happy fulfilling life of abundance and happiness. To a degree, I still feel that pull because it is part of my life and not to share makes me feel like I am doing others a disservice and a disservice to truth and self. But I'm gonna just pick my battles wisely and do whatever the hell I want to make our life better every day!

Today, I want you to own it, love it, breathe it and live it! I refuse to dull my shine so others feel better about themselves and I want you to feel that too. I'm gonna shine brighter with every breath I take and the more I own my purpose, to help and connect others with what will make them happier human beings, the happier I will be inside and out!

I will Smile & Shine!

Chin up, Tits Out ladies life is what YOU make it not what others expect from you!