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{ Inspiration } 7 Quotes To Help You Speak Up On Domestic Violence #OPENTHEDOOR

 7 Quotes To Help You Speak Up On Domestic Violence in your home

A Message from Heather:

I love that you are here, it means you are a step closer to opening the door, speaking to someone and seeking shelter and safety from domestic violence. It's up to you now. May these quotes speak to you loud and clear and inspire you to take action today. x Big hugs on your journey from me to you xx Heather

PS: if you would like to inspire others you know, share this post and use the tag: #OPENTHEDOOR - your actions may save a life. This is an awareness campaign designed to help you and your loved ones Smile & Shine from the inside out.

PPS: Stay tuned for our article on and interview with domestic violence survivor Renée Mayne Speaker & Mentor 

PPPS: Be safe, you deserve it.


Let's raise children who won't have to recover from their childhoods.


You know what's best for you and your babies. You know what you and they deserve.


Your children need you. You are their strength. Be the mother they need you to be.


If you don't protect them from harm, who will? You deserve to smile again. You will.


Children see and hear more than we realise. Are your children wishing for peace?


Children look up to you. They will copy what you do. What are they copying?


Are you living in fear? Stop making excuses. Stop living in fear. Speak to someone.

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If these quotes have inspired you, these may help: