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Have you seen this video?

My Pale Skin

You are probably wondering why I love this so much to blog it here on Inspiring Mums. Well, I love it because it is brave and bold, it speaks to me even though I do not have pale skin or acne. I only ever break out if I have too much chocolate.

I love this video produced by blogger Em from My Pale Skin a twenty-something ex-model who suffers from adult acne. The video you will see flashes words of hate and bullying which she has been exposed to because of her skin and acne problems. When I watched it, I felt sad for her and sad for the people who would say such nasty words to anyone. She has created a film that exposes what it takes to 'cover up' with make up in a beautiful way. She uses make up to feel better about herself and to stop the bullying. But as you will see in this video, the bullying doesn't stop! She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't, because they bully her for wearing make up. Give the girl a break!

So I am thinking, this is a young woman, attractive, yes, but having to hide behind something to make her feel better. She might be using make up to do this, others use alcohol to make themselves feel better, some use drugs and others might use sex or high adrenaline sports. To me, it shows how much we hide of our real selves to avoid being judged or bullied. It makes me sad to know our society is full of this and the fact our own children, girls and boys, will grow up in a society where they will feel the need to hide behind something just to make it through the day no matter what their problem is. 

I'd like to engage our community to help encourage our children, friends, family and others to seek help rather than hide behind what society wants us to be. 

I really do love how Em transforms herself though, I love how she has made it an "art" and when you think about it, it's a form of "therapy" she is doing by being creative, she is turning a negative into a positive while helping others do the same. She is not fearful of reality. If what she does is helping her through a challenging time AND helping others, we can look to her as a role model so can our children.

When I first saw the title of the film YOU ARE DISGUSTING I wasn't going to watch it, but I had the urge to find out what it was truly about and I am glad I did. It is thought-provoking, brave and bold and produced in a professional way for maximum ripple effect.

She is beautiful from the inside and out, with or without make up. Yes her make up transforms her appearance and she looks remarkable afterwards, part of me doesn't want her to do it, another part of me says good for you, if that is how you feel better about who you are, awesome.

This video is likely to divide people, cause debate and probably make people angry. I've seen some of the comments online saying that Em might be misleading people, but she is in fact doing the opposite. When you see her tutorials and before and after images on her Instagram page, you can see she is completely open to reality and gives hope to those suffering adult acne, as she is.

I say BRAVO to you Em Ford from London with Pale Skin and keep shining your positive light and voice on the world. May this video be shared and help those who need it.

Smile & Shine ladies

x Heather

What are your thoughts on Em's My Pale Skin video?

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