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{ Life } Inspiring Focus: Are You Being Productive or Busy Today?


Inspiring Focus: Are you being productive or busy today? 

This is something I had to ask myself this week with so many competing demands I had to look what is a priority and what can wait and how to overcome the constant overwhelm.

As you may have seen, I am a real GO GETTER, so I want to do load of things fast and fancy! I have so many exciting things happening with writing for TRAVEL PLAY LIVE Magazine, creating some fantastic resources for my Inspiring Mums audience (YOU!), interior design assignments to finish, looking after my bouncy Beagle Roxy, everyday family matters and a marriage to get back on track! My head spins just reading that! LOL

But I have to tap into reality and realign myself all the time. Here's some of the things I am doing to be more productive and not so busy!  

How To Be More Productive and not Soooo BUSY!

1# Focus on your priorities

Get that to-do list and cross out half of it! GO! Right now that you have done that... put a 1, 2, 3 next to the top 2-3 things to do on your list. You will feel way more productive. Looking at your top 3 priorities forces you to focused on what's important in the morning and helps you gain a better perspective through the day to avoid being 'busy'.

2# Be realistic with your commitments

Committing to too much can be so stressful (trust me I know!) I often find I get so inspired and eager and I want to do everything all at once. But realistically, with a family and everything else, it just ain't gonna happen! So puling back and being realistic about what you can do in the time you have is an important step to being productive.

3# Take time out for yourself

You deserve a break! You can't stay busy 100% of the time, you'll create 'dis-ease' taking time off helps you to clear your head and slow down. Take a short trip, take a nap, or visit a friend.

4# Give Meditation a go

This helps you realign and centre your thoughts, relax and destress to help you refocus and put you in a more productive mode.

What do you do to stay productive when you've got so much shizz to do? Comment below :)

Well, I do hope this helps you be more productive and less overwhelmed with how busy you are!

xx Heather

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