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{ Style It! } Bring Sexy Back With This LBD Date Night Outfit!

Love The Way You Look!

Are You Going on a long-awaited HOT DATE with your partner?

Yeah, I hear ya sista! Date night has been a mystery to us too! But with this little LBD outfit you'll be bringing sexy back to your relationship and have him begging for more! I would totally ROCK this outfit, would you? 

Here's a checklist to ensure you LOOK and FEEL ever the sexy queen of love you are!

Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it, and own it!
— Said by some awesomely-sassy-chic somewhere!

Background Photo: Kate Zaidova

✓ Oozing Self Confidence
✓ Well-fitted Little Black Dress
✓ Sassy Over The Knee Black Boots
✓ Sensual Lingerie panties optional ;)
✓ Elegant Clutch Handbag
✓ Saucy Red Ombre Long Stay Lipstick
✓ Sexy & Subtle Golden Highlight Eye Make Up
✓ Elegant Silky, Smooth, Shiny Hair
✓ Enticing Perfume

You'll have your partner on his/her knees with this number!

DISCLAIMER: I can't guarantee you'll even make it out of the house ;) that's up to you!


x HJ

Comment with your ideas below!

Love to hear what you think of this outfit and if you have any requests or suggestions for date night outfits you'd like to see. Talk to me!

{ Style It! } Bring Your Partner To His Knees On Date Night!

Sergio Rossi leather boots
1 760 AUD -

White purse
47 AUD -

Topshop lips makeup
19 AUD -

Napoleon Perdis liquid eyeliner
38 AUD -

Napoleon Perdis powder brush
38 AUD -

Eyeko liquid eyeliner
22 AUD -

River Island fragrance
27 AUD -

Black hair care
120 AUD -

Nail treatment
28 AUD -

Detangling brush
39 AUD -

Eyeko toiletry kit
42 AUD -

CHI hair styling tool
68 AUD -


Eye makeup

Liquid eyeliner

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