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{ Style It! } My Style - Casual Luxe for the Rebel in You!

Unleash The Rebel In You!

Get that edgey look without looking ridiculous! This timeless style will give you the rebellious edge with style and casual luxe you're looking for. Using a selection of earthy tones and tactile textures, your look comes together seamlessly. If you're like me, constantly struggling to find your own 'style' I'm hoping this will give you some ideas for your next shopping trip :) Remember, items I select are simply a guide.

So, I recommend to either bookmark this page or print it out and take it with you when you go shopping. By having a copy of this style handy in your bag, you can simply look for items that are within your own budget and match the style shared here. You do not need to spend thousands to get this look, close enough is good enough in my book. You may not find everything you need in one shop, so keep it handy just in case you are out and about ;)

Where to shop for these items:

  1. Craft markets for the accessories and bag
  2. DFO (Discount Factory Outlets) for the boots, Jacket, top and pants

Great style ideas for bloggers too!

Ideas for bloggers with edge and a rebellious side. Don't be held back by age with this casual ageless style, your teen girls will be begging to borrow this one! We're out meeting other bloggers, going to VIP events and networking, style is a key topic for many bloggers and with this outfit, you'll hit the high points with other bloggers for sure :)

If this style rocks your socks, then check these babies out!