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{ Style It! } An Aussie Winter Warmer Outfit

Winter Style For Women

I have been on a mission to at least TRY to not wear black this year! It's harder in Winter, as it seems that's all I have in the closet! So, I've put together a few colour and style combinations that might work for you this Winter, being one of the coldest we've had in years!

May as well do it in style! :)

I choose items based on:

  1. Comfort for all day wear a must, gotta be comfortable!
  2. Colour that works well together and makes me feel happy!
  3. Style and fashion for age (over 40! eek how did that happen??) 
  4. Fit for my shape, remember anything I share can be tailored to your shape!
  5. Makeup and accessories that work well together or can be left out and won't change the style that much.
  6. Budget I use Polyvore simply because my wardrobe is not diverse enough to share on a regular basis, it gives me the freedom to style without buying or buy more suited to my style :) I can filter the items to be of a certain price too :) usually more affordable for the "Mummy Budget" as I call it.

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