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{ Craft } HOW-TO Make Micador Buddies using Foam & Air Clay

HOW-TO Make Micador Buddies

Howdy Mums! This will be a great video to watch with your kids aged 3+. Featuring Davey (4) and Inspiring Mummy Heather at the Inspiring Mums® Mothership Making MICADOR BUDDIES (on SALE now!) using the Foam & Air clay Modelling Kit we purchased at the Micador bulk buy sale last week!

In this video, Davey & I will entertain you with our silliness and fun while making Bullseye the Cow and investigate some of the other cool Buddies we can make!

There are hours of fun in one box of foam & air clay, with all the extras such as eyes, whiskers and legs, to bring your Buddies to life!

Tips for making and playing with your Buddies!:

  • Make all of your Buddies and create a puppet show for your family.
  • Make a stop motion skit video with your Buddies and post it to YouTube for others to enjoy!
  • Take your Buddies to school for show and tell day!
  • Turn your Buddies into pencil friends! So when making your Buddies, slide their body onto the end of a pencil you like to use and they will dry and become your friend while you write or draw!
  • Take your Buddies on holidays with you and photograph them in fun poses on the beach, in the car or just hanging out with you in your room! Make a book with your photos of you and your Buddies.
  • Your kids will love this type of product so many hours of fun and creativity with next to no mess! 

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