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{ Family } Revealing A Secret Desire...

Everyone Has Secrets, don't they?

Well, I do! I am now ready to reveal what it is! 

Okay, it may surprise you to know that I LOVE dressing up in costumes, always have, just have never done enough of it!

What you may or may not see in my online presence is this:

  • I have a pretty vibrant personality most of the time.
  • I love being the centre of attention (not in a narcissistic way!).
  • I love to make people laugh, happy and smile.
  • I love being expressive and creative.
  • I love acting and performing.

My Secret Design is...

To make and dress up in gaming, movie and anime character costumes = COSPLAY!

Maybe not a huge secret or surprise, or is it?

The reason this might surprise you, as it has one other mum I know who is into Cosplay, is that people wouldn't think it would be something I'm into. Truth is, I have a fascination with graphics, animations and animated movies. But I never really talk about it or overly share, it's just something I love internally.

Recently, as my kids get older and more into characters and toys, I feel these is a way that I can have more fun with them too, through COSPLAY. My daughter loves The Doll Hunters - Mommy And Gracie Show who are great and funny! They also go to Comic-con in the US, so my daughter knows all about it. Bam Bam loves HobbyKidsTV and they do amazing surprise egg characters like the Minions and Spongebob Squarepants with very cool costumes.

Also, after seeing the Melbourne Transformers in action a few weeks back at The Silly Seahorse Playcentre in Chelsea Heights, we are inspired to join the Cosplay revolution! In fact, it was Optimus Prime himself who has inspired me to LET GO and "Create my own field of dreams".

When I look at my life, I have interests, but I don't really have a hobby as such, apart from photography. I need something that will help me unlock my performing potential. I have auditioned for TV commercials and the like, but I feel my performance side needs more confidence. Either way, I simply want to express my inner Cosplay desire to be someone else for a while, an action hero, and super villain, a gaming heroin!

So we have decided to go to Supanova Pop Culture Expo here in Australia (Melbourne) in Cosplay Costumes! I was shocked when hubby said he wanted to go too! So we have just purchased our tickets for Sunday April 12th so I have 2 weeks to make 2 costumes, which I have never done before! Talk about throwing myself in the deep end! I should really be studying! But, it is going to be school holidays and I won't get studying done anyway!

Cosplay Characters for Supanova April 2015

My Character - RIVEN League of Legends (Game)

This is my character idea, her name is RIVEN the Cosplay costume will be of her championship skin with the black, white and blue. I will be making it myself using materials from Masters, Bunnings, Spotlight, Reverse Art Truck Inc and whatever else I have at home. I will take photos and a video dialogue to share the process! Never done this before, so cross your fingers for me!

Jazmin's Character - PRINCESS LUNA - MLP

This is Jazmin's Cosplay Character, Princess Luna from My Little Pony. Her favourite character in MLP. She is currently designing her costume and we will make it together over the coming weeks. It's going to be much easier than mine!

Hubby and Bam Bam have no plans to dress up! To be honest, I didn't even think Hubby would want to go. So, it will be Jaz and I! I can't wait to just let my hair down, get into character, make people happy, get photos with strangers and meet Chewbacca, thanks to a special invitation to meet him via the Cosplay Australia group on Facebook.

It's a whole new world to me, I feel nervous about it all but I just feel this will let me really express myself freely and be dynamic without feeling like I'm being judged.

For me, it is about Letting Go! Being me, having fun with my kids and being a big kid!

Are you a Cosplay Mum or Family?

I would love to connect with you, I would love to know more about what you do, reach out to me and share with me your fun! Let's connect at Inspiring Mums Facebook or on Inspiring Mums Instagram!

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