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{ Money } HOW-TO Find Your OWN Unclaimed Money!

Ever wondered if you have money owing to you?


Do these QUICK 'N' EASY steps to find your own unclaimed money NOW!

First though, I want to share this with you... last week, while I was at the doctors, I received a missed call by an number in NSW. I called them back because I'm curious like that and they said they are a  and have found some money owing to me.

Initially, I was excited, the cautious, then protective, as anyone would be. I questioned whether this was a dodgy caller or scam even. I said I wasn't sure about continuing the conversation. But I did and I'm glad because it helped me get some information that was going to SAVE me money! 

I didn't provide the caller with any personal information, in fact she gave me the information. So I felt a little more at ease with communicating with her.

Then, I felt like I had won the lotto!! Who doesn't love money coming out of nowhere?!! Ok, so then I made it my mission to find out some more details, which became difficult. I questioned her about the company, what they do, how they find the money, etc. etc. this is what I found out:

  1. The money is in my maiden name. First clue!
  2. The money was a smallish amount, just over few hundred dollars. Second clue!
  3. The money was either Superannuation, unclaimed cheque, utility refund or rental bond money. Third and Fourth clues!
  4. Final clue...! She gave me the EXACT AMOUNT I should expect ;D Happy days! BINGO! 

So they wouldn't give me anymore information on where the money was from! Why? It's MY money afterall, right? Yep daarn toootn it is and I want every cent of it!

The only information I gave her was my email address to send the paperwork to. When I received the email with the instructions so they can withdraw the cost of their "Skilled Researchers" I nearly fell off my feet with laughter, bahahaha! I may have even wet myself a little LOL. Are you kidding me!?? I am NOT paying ANYONE to get my own money back LOL What a crock of bollocks! NOR WILL YOU for that matter because I won't let you! I want you to take the power back! Think of that $55 fee as your grocery bill for the week to feed your family, would you let someone take that from you? NO! Me either! 

This email included a PDF document with instructions. They would do all the legwork and get the money transferred to THEM (not you!) from wherever they found the money from. IF I print and sign the paperwork and send it back to them it usually takes about 2-3 weeks for the money to be transferred to me.

So before handing over your HARD EARNED MOOLA they will take their cut from your money they found. Sounds fair right? I mean, hey they did ALLLLLL that work for you right? Keep reading, I will tell you just how HARD that work was... *rolls eyes* (hard work my foot!) and it wasn't HARD or time consuming at all!! 


Watch ASIC's Deputy Chairman Peter Kell talk about how you can search for unclaimed shares, bank accounts and life insurance on MoneySmart.


  1. Go to The Australian Government's website called "ASIC'S MONEYSMART - Financial Guidance You Can Trust" Website here to search your name >>
    • Search under ANY and ALL of the names you have been known as, if you have a maiden name make sure you search that. If you have a middle name(s) search with that. You may need to do a few searches.
    • THIS TAKES ALL OF ABOUT 2 minutes!!

  3. OFFICE OF STATE REVENUE What bank account money is held by ASIC... 

10-20 minutes of searching and low and behold... I FOUND MY MONEY! TOOT TOOT! Feel like I have won a small lotto win!!

I applied for it and saved the application to my computer for printing all I do then is follow the instructions for the identification process to claim the money via a Cheque. If you want the funds to a bank account you need a fax number for the remittance!(?), which is odd not sure how many people these days have FAX!! LOL hence the cheque option is easiest!

I'll then post all certified copies of my marriage certificate, birth certificate etc. to the State Revenue Office and they will process the application. In 2-3 weeks, I will have the FULL FUNDS without paying anyone else for the effort!

All you have to do now is wait. 

This entire process took all ove 10-20 minutes, please don't fall into the trap of paying these people. I won't share their name as they are a legitimate business providing a service. They are in my mind providing a service for time poor people or for those who just haven't got a clue as to where to go. That's where I come in. 

My hope is that I have just saved your family $55 and helped you find money unclaimed by you from sources you may not be aware of or had forgotten about. Don't be fooled, with a bit of research yourself, a bit of knowhow on what to do, you will have your money in no time.

I've already spent my money on the cocktail bar tab in Bali in May and a new bikini for the body I am working on ;)! Toot Toot!


Hey, if you liked this blog and it has helped you in some way, please make sure you comment below I'd love to hear from you! How much did you save because of this blog? 

xx Go gettm tiger! Take the power back and get your money honey! 

PS: In my upcoming blogs I will share with you more tips on saving money and reducing your bad debts! Yay!

x Peace out xx HBomb

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