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{ Grief } This Is Not Goodbye... A Poem

Grief & Loss of a loved one...

Today marks 11 years since the passing of our Aunt to Cancer. Who was a remarkable woman who made it her mission for us four kids to have a mother figure in our lives. This poem was written by my sister Jill, read at our Aunts funeral by me. *you may need tissues* xx

This is not Goodbye...

The days have passed since you have left
to a place we cannot see.
We know you are at peace now,
but we want you back selfishly.

Today is the day
where we should say goodbye
and with the distance between us now,
it would take wings for us to fly.

But we will not say our last words,
to us it's not the end.
We will see you again someday 
and tell you all that we intend.

All the gratitude we have for you,
the respect and love we feel.
All the times you devoted to,
us a sense of family, we know is real.

Our appreciation has no substance,
when put on this piece of paper.
So until we grow our own wings,
this is only, see you later...

Written By My Sister Jill