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{ Make It! } Things I do for love... #spotlightncm #imadethis

Bring on the Octonauts Live Show!

Ok mums, so today we are heading off to the city to watch the live Octonauts #OctonautsLive show in Melbourne presented by Life Like Touring #lifeliketouring.

We were lucky enough to meet Captain Barnacles at the Bloggers BBQ a few months ago which was 'interesting' for Bam Bam, he didn't really take to the life like Captain to be honest, but, hey we will be far enough from the stage for him to hopefully enjoy the show.

For me, it's all about making my boy happy. He is 4 at the end of next month, so time with him is really precious since he is now in 4 year Kinder! Like, how did that actually happen!!??

Where did the time go?

He will always be my baby boy though :)

So, we decided to dress up for the occasion, oh no, not in anything fashionable lol, are you kidding, we are going as characters!

Ok, so we will go as closely dressed up as possible. I wasn't sure how he would go in a full blown CosPlay costume, I would  have been in my element, but I didn't want to scare anyone! So I just found a cheap pink skirt from Ally Fashion for $9.99 on sale and a knitted fawn/brownish top from Target, with some tan stockings and some felt stick on material an my outfit was almost done! Got the blue shoes, although not boots, I'm workin with what I got! I'm going heels baby hehe! I also went to Spotlight and picked up some craft felt some that has a glue backing to make our hats and features on our outfits.

Bam Bam is going as Kwazii Cat and I'm going as Dashi Dog :) his choice!

I got Bam Bam just an orange hooded jumper from Target with some ne blue converse looking blue boots, a pirate eye patch and cat ears and tail. Do you think I could find ears and a tail without stripes... no! Oh well, slim pickings from the $2 bargain store!

I also have some orange hair chalk, so we will get Bam Bam all oranged up for the day hehe. That shit gets E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E....

Anyhoo, I won't be winning any fashion awards but I know the smile on my son's face will be better than any award! Just hoping he doesn't freak out or worse, fall asleep in the show.

Things we do for love and our kids hey?

I guess I was inspired by the National Craft Month activities and inspirations we saw at Spotlight a few weeks ago, can you believe I am even considering learning how to knit or crochet!??? All I picture is grandma's sitting in around on the lounge, with their tea's and cakes, talking about grandkids... but I realise they are really handy crafts to know and teach my kids! So why not?

It's showing at the Comedy Theatre in the city, which I've never been to, but apparently it's just gorgeous.

I'd so love to go to a proper CosPlay event, dressed up in some crazy Monster High big dress and body art or something, all for the kids of course LOL ;)

Better get ready for our big day out, hope you have a great day and let us know if you have been to the Octonauts live show and what you thought of it!? Comment below and share your experience :)

Tell me, would you make an outfit or go dressed up for your kids?

Have a great day lovelies! 

xx H-Bomb

*this is not a sponsored post :) I paid for our tickets xx