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{ Life } What I Discovered On A Digital Detox & Why I Did It!

Morning Mummabears! Thanks for taking the time to stop by :) I appreciate and value your time so I will make it worth your while, I hope to anyway! 

Today I'll share with you what my digital detox was like and why I am better off online LOL

I need to be online!!

Firstly, it didn't help that I had to do my assignments for my Interior Design Diploma and research things online, which required using Google, and more sites to complete the assignments. Which is both and excuse and a reason for sucking at Digital Detox for the last two weeks.

Not only that, I do all my banking online and I'm always online for one reason or another! I found it very challenging this time around not being online!

I have so much support!

Also, I missed you guys :( I really appreciate even more now the amazing friendships and relationships I have with so many of you, many I have never met before, but feel like we are soul sista's in life, you know who you are ladies, you rock xx

I LOVED LOVED LOVVVVVED receiving your comments and private messages of support and reaching out to me, because many of you could see I was struggling with something. It's true, I was and it's to do with my marriage. It is a tricky thing to talk about especially online because I know how my Hubby feels about discussing our intimate personal life here. So I want to respect his wishes but also find solace in knowing I have support too and say everything will be ok. We have hit a hurdle, like many marriages, I reached my limit and had to communicate directly what my needs are and that they are not being met, in a number of ways.

I felt scared. I felt brave. I felt anxious. I felt hopeful. I felt determined.

By opening our lines of communication in the home, we have managed to work through what the core issues have been for far too long. Marriage is hard sometimes, but it's worth fighting for. My sister said to have faith in family and love and I do very much so. Everyone will go through something in their marriage at some point and I am pleased that by opening up and being honest we were able to talk about how things will improve for everyone, not just me.

Going into the discussion I felt like just a housekeeper and slave, not a wife or a mother as such and it was bringing me down. I have tried so hard to do all the "right" things, I improve myself where I can, not just in how I look but how I communicate and behave. But didn't seem to be doing anything to change what was going on.

I felt invisible so my focus was shifting away from family to reach out for the positive attention I crave and I was getting it too. I liked it.

Thankfully now, we are making positive steps to improve things and don't feel so much like a slave and feel more like a wife. There's a long road ahead but we will get there.

I love my family and made an oath to the end, this is my commitment to them and our future, we will get through this :)

I Loathe Toilet Training A Toddler!

So over the last 2 weeks, Bam Bam is in an interesting stage of toilet training, he is in knickers during the day and when he soils them, they are now flushed down the loo with everything... Yup, we've lost 4 pairs of knickers in as many days! Argh! If they aren't flushed away, they are thrown into the bath and doesn't tell me, so I find soiled towels instead of toilet paper or wipes. Feel like a broken record and I honestly loathe this stage of having a toddler. Mind you my daughter was amazing, so I guess I've been lucky. 

I know it's the reality of parenting and I gotta deal with it, which I do, in fact, I am the only one that deals with it, Hubby can't bare the changing side of things, which I know is pretty common in many families. Part of me deals with it, part of me wants it over with stat! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, he is trying and he is getting better at toilet training, but hope it finishes soon! Just being honest!

I Should stay online for my own safety!

So, the first week I tried to stay offline I had to move some large planks of hardwood from our "Dream Room" to get the floor measured up for a new floor of concrete (yes I know so exciting!) . BUT... I dropped a plank on my right foot slicing through the top 1/4 of my second toe and under the toe nail... I will save you from the gory photos. While I didn't need stitches, the doctor did glue me back together, so I have been hobbling about for the 2 weeks now, it is getting better though! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so are steel cap shoes........ lol

I also chipped two teeth. I know, it's amazing I'm still alive lol!

I also discovered that I am severely Iodine deficient and looking up a good Kinesiologist as we speak to make sure I am right!

My first visit to H&M Melbourne won't be my last!

I had cancelled me going to the H&M store in Melbourne with my sister and mother in law for a girls shopping trip with my daughter and niece as well due to my toe injury. But, while in the shower I thought "stuff it I will see how I go". So asked if there was still room in the car and trotted off to the city. It was hot, there were too many people but I bagged a few goodies which I'm happy with and I can't wait to go back! I told Hubby him and I should just go on a shopping date together there, it's so affordable and stylish! My style go figure! Some of it was meh, but most of it was YAY! Very happy just adding some of my purchases to Polyvore now!

Click below and join me there if you like :)

Arts & Crafts!

Want to learn how to draw more than just stick figures with your kids? GREAT! Because you can with me! I have started sharing on Instagram some time lapse videos and photos of drawings I have been doing for my daughter. Check them out!

On Wednesday I head over with a group of bloggers to the head office of Spotlight Stores! Very exciting to be chosen to view new products, get inspiration, and share with you some of the awesome ideas in Arts & Crafts from sewing, painting to paper craft! Ok, who doesn't love Spotlight! Another great brand working with Inspiring Mums®! If you are a brand and would like to partner with us, see our BRANDS! page and contact me! Always open to opportunities that work for all of us!

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News Just In!

Looks like I may get an interview in the Sunday Life supplement magazine, very exciting just waiting on confirmation!


Bam Bam did a drawing I just had to share with you, apparently this is me going to the toilet doing number two's, hehe LOL I know I am a lucky mum!

Time to feed the troops!

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Heather