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{ Gratitude } Thank you for your support, I love you guys! #thankyou #supportformums

Not the life that I planned...

July 8, 2000, I first saw this guy and I knew straight away I would marry him. I did. On November 15, 2003, I married on the beach with full commitment to my forever love and life to him, with hopes of children, house and a fun, happy and fulfilling life together. He rocked my world, felt I couldn't be without him for more than a day.

Until now....

After 2 children, moving interstate away from my family, a car accident and several jobs later and other challenges, we are at a point where moving forward into the future together may not be the future we planned. Today, we see a counsellor to talk through our wants and what we don't want in our life. To be honest I have many things to talk about, some are going to be difficult to say, hear and accept, but I can't go another day feeling like this. I want to be happy and loved by someone who can love me and have fun in life. I'm not having fun in my marriage, I'm not happy and I'm not appreciated. I feel like the forgotten wife.

Thank you for your support...!

I have tried to be as respectful as I can without depriving myself of the support and love I have from each of you. I feel the love and support wholeheartedly and it's time for me to be truly honest about how I feel, what I want, where we are headed and how we will do it.

So this is a little thank you message from me to you, I know I haven't shared a lot about what's going on, but you guys get the idea. So thank you :)

Help for kids during marriage breakdown...

Relationships Australia have a website with loads of helpful resources and information to help families like ours move forward when there is a breakdown in the marriage or relationships of parents. 

Human Services (Australia) also have good information and contacts to reach out to at times of family crisis and conflict.

There are other helpful organisations such as LifeLine, Salvation Army, your local church or community groups and mothers support groups and of course getting support from your friends and family is a positive way to move forward.

It's times like this support is important to help you through.

Thanks again for helping me through it means a lot x 


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