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{ Family } Dear ALDI Cashier, you don't realise this but...

You made my day...

Dear ALDI Cashier with the Christmas hat on at the Carrum Downs, Victoria store... 

You don't realise this, but you made my day with your kind and supportive words as I stand there crying at the counter this afternoon. I just wanted to say thank you... and publicly, because that's what I do. Today I realised that I'm actually more real online than I am in person. I hide so much of myself from those around me so I don't upset the apple cart!

This afternoon as I stood at the cashier unloading my shitty events of afternoon, while you scanned my groceries... I started to cry (bloody hell sorry I couldn't stop it). You gently put your hand on my arm, looked at me and said "It'll be ok" and shared a little about yourself and how you came through the other side. Sometimes that's all you need to hear, no matter how strong you are (or think you are). I really didn't want to cry, but it has been all too much lately, I am strong but some days I wanna punch the hell out of something or someone.... just like anyone else, makes me human I guess.

As I walked through the automatic doors with my trolley, I was thinking how much I didn't want to go home and have to face my husband and his family, because I've had enough. All I hear are your words "you'll be ok, trust me." Somehow, deep down, I know you're right.

This afternoon was icing on a very tall cake. Ok, I'm a bit sensitive with things already as I'm on tenterhooks within my marriage, but really hoped not to have to deal with FIL's attitude on top of all that especially... ESPECIALLY with my kids around, they saw it, heard it and no doubt felt it. I know, I know, world's first issues and all, well I guess when it comes to staying or going and knowing you have children to think about and the rest... it's a pretty effing big deal, not one taken lightly by anyone. So it's times like this I thankfully have great memories to think about, great people who actually want the kids and I around and who support us, no matter what.

I came home from Aldi to learn that FIL came over to apologise to me, all I could think of was "thank effing goodness I wasn't here" then he rang and wanted to speak to me... I said "no, I am not speaking to him right now" and carried on to cook dinner. To be honest I-A-M S-O D-O-N-E giving him or anyone else the power over to my happiness. He should be apologising to our kids! Talk about not feeling welcome just DAYS before Christmas, which is meant to be a joyous time for everyone. I accept his apology but don't want to deal with it anymore. I will allow him to speak to me, when I am ready, not before.

Earlier, when I was getting the kids in the car with a clear case of 'do not mess with the HBomb right now she is seriously pissed off...' I told MIL that FIL as an attitude problem and that he's lucky if he even sees me at Christmas at all. You see, this is not the first (or last) time I have seen him do this to the kids and I, or has something  nasty, condescending or critical to say. Over the years, I have simply been the good adoring wife, bites her lip and just brushes it all away, or say something funny to show how stupid his words really sound. Oh and some days he just doesn't even acknowledge we are even there we could be there for over an hour and it won't be until we are leaving that he'll call out "bye" from the back garden from behind the newspaper... yeah whatevs..... as my daughter says. 

We get the hint.......

So.... Dear Aldi Cashier, thank you for reaching out to me, to show support and help me push through the rest of the afternoon with your kind words, means a lot. :) Merry Christmas to you and I loved your hat, it matched your smile :)

BUT WAIT.... THANK YOU to my beautiful, supportive and feisty lil' Inspiring Mummabears out there on Facebook who all have my back (god I love it when you get feisty! love it!!)

It's days like today that I feel so real, raw yet still inspired to power on, take no shit from anyone and live the the life that I WANT. Unfortunately for some in my family, the consequences of years of this sort of thing have come to a head and will no longer be tolerated, HBomb says so, and if she says so, then I ain't messing with her

(HEADS UP: If you don't know who HBomb is... she is basically my fictional alter ego, don't worry I don't have a split personality, I think we all have the feisty little thing inside all of us, especially when it comes to knowing what you want and don't want! So don't worry, I'm not losing my marbles, HBomb is the take no shit part of me that stands up when the other part of me wants to crawl up into the fetal position.... )

I am Heather James, I am the Inspiring Mum. I choose today to say the power to my happiness rests with me. I choose to live a happy, fun, fulfilling, exciting, adventurous, passionate, freedom focused life and show my kids how it's done, proudly. I am human, I will cry, I will get angry, I will feel sadness, but I will always.... ALWAYS bounce towards the positive, sometimes I might need help and that's ok, I will accept help when I need it too.


Thanks for stopping by to read about my challenges today, if you resonate with them and would like to share with me publicly or privately, feel free to email me by going to my CONTACT page or chat with me via my blog here or even message me on FACEBOOK, I'm online everyday even if it's just via INSTAGRAM, well let's face it, it's where the awesome people are who get life and happiness right??

Big hugs thanks to everyone today, love ya guts xx

PS: if you know the lady at the Carrum Downs Aldi Store, make sure she sees this post ok!?

Heather (and HBomb ;P)

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