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Mummy & Daddy Bloggers Are here to stay!

This is what we do and we do it well, even the media like us... ! You know it's not about 'liking' us as such and according to Mia Freedman from Mamamia:

"Mummy Blogs are almost over"

She also said:

"In fact, personal blogs in general have collapsed in engagement this year." 

PFFFT! I say nothing could be further from the truth!

I love what Janyne Moore from Catablog says in her article:

"Niche blogs make up the many of the most influential blogs in Australia and will continue to attract new audiences if they continue to deliver good content. Simple as that." ~ Janyne Moore, Catablog

Article source: Mumbrella - "Mummy blogs aren’t outdated, they are evolving for the modern media landscape"

Social Proof

In fact, today I had a very EXCITING call with a brand who wants my blog, brand and skills in social media and branding to be a significant partner in their marketing, social media and brand development for a range of new products. 

Sorry, you were say were saying Mia? Sorry to disagree, however from the news coverage and the incredible brand and blogger events happening around the country and the world, I think we can ascertain that Mummy AND Daddy Bloggers have significant impact and influence when it comes to consumerism and purchase trends.

Fact is, we make up a large part of what CREATES those trends with our ideas, innovations and communications. We create content, we encourage dialogue with consumers in a very authentic way. Most people don't know that is the large part of what I do and to me, that's the success of it!!! It's seamless communication and PR going out to on social media and blogs that help to influence people's decisions to buy, naturally. :) Job done!

Here are some of our stats for Instagram @inspiringmums

Fig 1. Steady growth across my network stats via KLOUT, a sharp increase recently with a new media strategy in place followed by a consistent moderate continual growth.

Source: Inspiring Mums KLOUT  - 90 Day Growth

Fig 2. Steady growth, decline due to Instagram ghost followers clean outs, then consistent high continual growth, with a slight reduction in non-followers and good like for like growth.

Source: Iconosquare @inspiringmums Instagram - Comparative Growth

Fig 3. Again, steady growth, decline due to Instagram ghost followers clean outs, then consistent high continual growth.

Source: Iconosquare @inspiringmums Instagram - Account Growth

Fig 4. Steady growth with peaks and troughs over lifetime.

Source: Iconosquare @inspiringmums Instagram - Growth History

All I can do is show you what I see at my end and these graphs speak for themselves really. So my evidence is pretty clear there is growth overall.

I can rattle off a whole host of financial brand opportunities knocking at the Inspiring Mums door as we speak, instead, social evidence is key... watch this short media coverage from Channel Nine 9 News at the recent Kids Business #Bloggers_Brunch for Invite only VIP Influences and popular well known brands which I attended recently.

(Spot me in the bright pink top at the start ;) ... scroll down to see me on the same Channel at a different event :) 

At The #Bloggers_Brunch November 2015

Channel 9 stops by the Bloggers Brunch

Channel 9 stopped by the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch recently. Recognise any familiar faces? 50+ sensational bloggers met with 10 awesome brands.

Posted by Kidsbusiness on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

At Myer Christmas #Giftorium Launch October 2015

And more from Mummy Bloggers with yours truly sharing what I want for Christmas at Myer Christmas Giftorium VIP Launch event, featuring celebrity Kris Smith

So is Mia right?

No, not from what you can see here at Inspiring Mums at least, there is evidence of GROWTH, not dying a slow death that's for sure! Some bloggers will find if they do not invest the time and effort into organically growing and managing their social media presence, it will naturally decline as people lose interest and forget about you.

I think if we as bloggers centralise all of our communications on one platform, that can lead to slow or no growth even a reduction, however diversifying is the key to moving with the modern online times and staying on trend. I can see that is where Mia is taking her tribe, and well done to her. The apps she talks about are similar to the likes of Instagram and SnapChat. 

Don't forget to head over to our PRESS, BRANDS and GO! pages for more on how we work with brands on a regular basis and help us continue to support families and businesses for a thriving economy and community! 

Hope you liked this blog post about a topic that is clearly aligned with Inspiring Mums for obvious reasons.

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See you online lovelies! :)

Heather xx