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{ Parenting } Kids refuse to do their chores? Try this unique incentive today...

Why I won't give my kids money for their chores...

Here's the deal-o ladies, my kids will no longer get money for doing chores or helping around the house or even homework. To be honest, they don't get much anyway....


I have devised a cunning plan to help us reach our family travel goals! TOOT TOOT! So while this is about travel, in a sense, it is more about a different approach to chores and rewarding kids for their efforts. You may have seen this before, I don't know, I just came up with it so we can reach our travel targets faster!

How the incentive for chores To Travel works...

  1. I'll be writing up some little cards to pin to the pin board on the right.
  2. The kids can look through the chore cards which will have a $ dollar value on each, such as;
    1. cleaning bedroom $3 dollars
    2. help to unpack the dishwasher $2
    3. Feed the dog $1
    4. Sweep the floor $2 etc. 
  3. Then they will put the chore cards in an envelope, which I will put on the pin board, and at the end of each week we will tally up the amounts of the chore cards. No cash needs to be held in the home to be 'misplaced' or used for other purposes either! The total of all chores completed to the value on the cards will be deposited into our holiday bank account towards our travels to New Zealand, Disneyland, Bali and somewhere fun like the Gold Coast!

Our Dream Holiday Chart...

So the chart below on the whiteboard shows what we need to do before we (as a family) get started:


  1. From the start we create our bucketlist, budget and begin to save.
  2. Then once we have reached enough money to pay to Book the Trip we book it! This may or may not be the time we book the flights as well, we will set the targets to reach, it may be something we pay for a little later on (but not too far away of course!)
  3. Then we start saving for a FUN money! This is money we need for our everyday expenses on our travel for snacks, transport, activities, shopping etc. that we may need to pay for.
  4. Then we take our holiday, but we also start saving for our next trip! TOOT TOOT! That way we stay on our savings plan, our inspired travel goals and always have something to look forward to.


  1. So for each goal we want to set a realistic and achievable savings target:
    1. it is going to help us book the trip
    2. keep us inspired to continue helping around the house! (of course!)
    3. be excited about reaching our targets
  2. Set the targets, then keep a tally for when you reach that target point, so if you have more money saved then great, keep going! If you have less, how will you improve as a family to make up the different before the next target? Garage sale, do a little work on the side, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way!


  1. So show the progress in the savings by getting the kids to colour in the sections when you have reached your target or as you progress towards your target! The kids will love this part!
  2. Draw pictures around your chart, make it look fun and inviting so the kids look at it often, it doesn't have to look REAL, keep it real by having fun with it, get the kids to draw the pictures and talk about the exciting adventures you will go! Think of it as a vision board, you are manifesting and creating your dreams to be better than your reality!
  3. Seeing progress is another great incentive because the kids will be saying: "we're nearly at the next target mum we can book the trip!" How exciting will that moment be!! All doing happy bum dances in the lounge room around your travel vision board!

This is a Learning Lesson...

Your kids will learn the value of earning money, earning because of their work and saving for a goal, they will see how their work is paying off through the savings created by them towards their dream holidays! This will really excite them. Think of the energy and vibe in the home when you have something exciting to look forward to! The whole dynamic of the energy in the home will shift positively!

This is a great way to improve communication in the home too. I am not perfect at this, I am getting better though as we all do when we do it more. This can help anyone improve communication in the home for sure!

We have a world map we purchased from Australia Post and we often talk about different locations around Australia and the world we would like to go, what they are like, languages they speak and food etc. It is a great educational experience for everyone.

Most of all HAVE FUN!

Gosh, chores are called that for a reason aren't they?? They can be boring, mundane and repetitive... especially for kids BUT! If we make it fun for everyone, not only will they love to do them, they will see their chart and savings grow as they colour in the money jar-thingy.... ;) (not sure what you call it!)

Life is about living, when I think about my mum and her life, only 32 years young when she died, I can't help but feel sad that she ended it so young. So I am determined to make our life as meaningful, memorable, adventurous and fun as possible. We are an average income family (at the moment!) but what is important to us is experiencing life!

Now, how can we make this happen on our income? See the banner below for more, it will take you to our Inspiring Travel website to share a little more about how we are doing it and how you can to. Just book me in for a quick call and we can get you started if you capture the vision we did!

Learn How To Save On Your Travel With Inspiring Mums Today...

Inspiring Travel presented by Inspiring Mums

Inspiring Travel presented by Inspiring Mums

This is just one of many ideas to help save and travel...

Share with us what you do to create incentives for your kids in the comments section below!

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