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{ Ideas } 30+ Inspiring Indoor Activities For Kids On School Holidays

School Holiday Fun Things To Do With Kids

So I get it Mums...You're home with the kids on school holidays and they're bored out of their minds and you're about to lose your mind from the arguing and yelling.

But, it's raining again and too wet to go outside... or it's too hot to go outside and you don't have a pool and you're on water restrictions...or you just don't have the money to go anywhere at the moment...

You know soon enough you are gonna blow your lid at one of them but you don't have to! I can help you with some ideas to keep the kids and you occupied and happy enough for a few hours for some much needed relief for you, ok let's have a look at some ideas then...

My philosophy for school holidays this year is this:

"If you can't beat'em join'em!"

These ideas are for ages between 2-10 years and activities require adult supervision. You will have to select which activity is best suited to your child, you will know which is best.

Rainy Day or Hot Day Indoor Activities For Kids

  1. Playdoh.
  2. Colouring in.
  3. Photography.
  4. Board games.
  5. Face Painting.
  6. Play hide'n seek.
  7. Make Face Masks.
  8. Painting/Drawing.
  9. Lego/Duplo/Blocks.
  10. Puzzles/Card Games.
  11. Play Dolls/Trucks etc.
  12. Origami/Paper Planes.
  13. Hot Potato with Balloons.
  14. Write a letter to a penpal.
  15. Make a stop motion movie.
  16. Draw silly monster pictures.
  17. Play dress ups and pretend.
  18. Group book reading session.
  19. Paint rocks or other natural items.
  20. Make Peg People and play with them.
  21. Mosaic art with coloured paper and glue.
  22. Make Loom Bands or friendship bracelets.
  23. Play guess what it is with blindfold and toys.
  24. Do easy exercises (star jumps, sit ups, push ups etc.)
  25. Make a herb garden with plastic recycled cups or pots.
  26. Play 20 questions, get to know about each other more.
  27. Write a song and sing it together with or without music.
  28. Make birthday cards loved ones ready for next birthdays.
  29. Make a dolls house or truck garage out of recycling boxes.
  30. Get dirty and make mud pies and jump in puddles in the rain!
  31. Play who can be silent for the longest (MY PERSONAL FAVE! ;D ).
  32. Cooking make some cookies a cake and get the kids to be really involved.
  33. Make an indoor (or outdoor) cubby house with pegs, pillows and blankets or sheets.
  34. Make a vision board, cut pictures from magazines and glue them on a sheet of paper.
  35. Make paper puppets or use socks and have a Puppet show using old sheets and pegs.
  36. Write and make a small children's book about your pet or a theme your kids suggests.
  37. Get popcorn, blankets, pillows and camp out in the lounge to watch their favourite movie.

That's just some of the activities you can do inside, outside, with no money to keep you sane and the kids entertained on school holidays. You and I both know this list could go on forever, so let's just call this an inspiring collection of ideas for today then :)

So let me know if this list has helped you stay sane these holidays and remember to come back and check them out each holiday break as a reminder of what you can do.

Remember to have fun! You're not trying to be a "cool", "fun", "super" MUM here ok, it's about being present with your kids, letting go, letting them paint your face and putting Playdoh between your toes! Obviously there will be limits but prepare yourself for mess and cleaning up. Of course there will be some activities that you won't be able to do on this list, but, maybe think of your own activities and add them to the comments below for other mums to learn from.

Your kids won't be young forever, make the most of the time you have with them while they actually want you around! I guess when they get to their teens and tweens they have their independence and no of these activities will matter much to them.

Anyway, making sausage sambos tonight for the troops, I'm having a tuna salad :) being good tonight after that rice last night! 

Enjoy and please sign up, comment, or share this blog if you like it!

xx mwah!


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