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{ Event } Bloggers & Brands Connect At #Bloggers_BBQ Melbourne

When Bloggers & Brands Connect!

This is what happens when Brands and Bloggers connect at the Bloggers BBQ they have a great time with the whole family!

This event was organised by Kids Business hosted at The Park, Lakeside Drive Albert Park South Melbourne. If you are an Australian Mum who blogs and want to attend, express your interest on their website asap! These events are invite only for active, influential mums who blog. If that's you then get on board!

TV Presenter, Mum, Athlete, Weather Girl, Giaan Rooney, was an absolute delight as MC for the Bloggers BBQ. It must have been very hard for her to get everyones attention as there were so many things going on and very loud at times, but she did a brilliant job. She was a natural networker and freely gave us her time and photos with her.

Thanks Giaan!

At the beginning, I loved how she opened by saying:

"When I became a mum, I had no idea what I was doing, and that's when I'd turn to you guys, mummy bloggers for help."

She's not alone either! So many other new mums do!

Mums who blog have a massive impact and influence in the community, especially online, and it has been acknowledged today, thanks again Giaan, great validation!

The Park was a nice venue for the event, it was huge, with glamorous sparkling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling with light bouncing off them from the wall of windows overlooking Albert Park Lake. Stunning. I will say though, having had the car park closed for buses was a real downer for many of us, while the parking was only $2.50, there was barely any parking for us. That did let the venue down and out of the control of the event organiser.

One of the great things about this event was that it was all about family. So we all proudly showed off our offspring and partners to other mums who blog. It was so funny, that nearly all of the kids had the look of "I'm hungry, I'm bored, is it over yet" within seconds of entering the venue. I will admit my lot didn't want to be there, but I asked them to support me. I said it would mean a lot to me if they saw what I do, where I go and how it can impact positively on our lives as a family. I think they understand more now why this is such an important aspect of my life.

It was great to connect with the brands on the day we enjoyed previewing the latest and greatest from the brands. I was fortunate to be invited to take part in the Steggles Mystery Box Challenge, where I was up against two lovely mums, Bel at Mums Take Five and Erin Ritosa Blogger and Journalist at Baby, Beauty & Beyond, well done to Erin for winning on the day.

Brand Highlights

  • Camp Quality

    • Camp Quality is a charity that creates a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia by building family optimism and resilience. They believe laughter is the best medicine. The Bloggers BBQ raised $500 and handed Camp Quality representative the cheque on the day.

  • Steggles

    • Just Eat It (coming soon) is an exciting new range of pre-cooked chicken and turkey products developed to help busy mums put themselves first, leaving more time to enjoy the fun stuff. See these products in quick late dinners, lazy brunches or whipped into meals for fussy eaters here. This brand new range will be in Woolworths stores from late January.

  • ASG
    • Australian Scholarships Group believe all children deserve equal access to education regardless of wealth, status and capability. Find out how they are now providing a range of products, information and resources to support children’s education from the time they're born right through to post-secondary studies.

  • Dyson
    • Keep cool and calm this summer holiday with Dyson's latest bladeless fan the Dyson Cool. Up to 75% quieter than the previous generation, the child-friendly technology is quiet and powerful.

  • Annie Sloan

    • Annie Sloan developed her revolutionary decorative paint, Chalk Paint™, over 20 years ago, and decorative painting hasn't been the same since. Its remarkable versatility and impressive color range makes superb results achievable for the DIY enthusiast as well as the expert faux finisher.

  • Life Like Touring

    • Life Like Touring's latest production Octonauts Live! Operation Reef Shield opens in Melbourne this February before touring Australia & selling fast.

  • Celebrate Health
    • Celebrate Health are the next generation of healthy people committed to eating food that not only tastes amazing but is within our health requirements. All their products are gluten free, low fructose, dairy free, peanut free, soy free, zero preservatives, 100% natural with no common allergens.

  • Passage Foods
    • The Passage Foods range of international styled products has been created with time conscious families in mind. They offer a range of quality, all natural products that are hassle free and easy to prepare, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the diverse flavours from their celebrated world cuisines.
  • Inner Health Plus
    • Help put the balance back into your digestive health, maintain your immune health and improve your general well being with Inner Health Plus. The Inner Health range is only available from Pharmacies and Health Food stores where you can get informed advice about improving your health through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.  

  • Cocobella Cocobella Kids coconut water
    • Did you know? Cocobella Kids naturally contains around 40% less sugar than leading kids fruit juices, great alternative for lunchboxes for the start of school.

  • BizziBrains
  • AVG Technologies
    • AVG are passionate about protecting families from nasty viruses, unfriendly hackers and online strangers on all your computers, mobile phones and tablets.

  • Closer To Nature®
    • Introduced their new advanced comfort® range of bottles and teats. This range is specially designed to help reduce air bubbles in the milk and to encourage a good latch-on at the nipple to help reduce the risk of baby ingesting air during feeding.

Blogger Event Activities

So I was fortunate to be invited to take part in the Steggles Mystery Box Challenge, where I was up against two lovely mums, Bel at Mums Take Five and Erin Ritosa Blogger and Journalist at Baby, Beauty & Beyond.

We simply had a selection of ingredients to make up a simple dish in 5-10 minutes, Erin won on flavour and got herself a Gordon Ramsay Knife set and cheese board. The second winner was on the most likes online, not sure who has won as we had to leave. Either way, I had fun as you can see in the photos :)

Blogger Media Opportunities

I love making myself available for media interviews and reviews on the event, each time I feel I am getting better and more comfortable at it. We filmed with the lovely Real Mums Amanda Cox and she makes you feel so at ease even when you get tongue tied like I did, thanks chic! :)

We also got some group photos with Giaan Rooney at the Steggles Stand after the challenge and it was filmed.

The Bloggers BBQ gives bloggers wonderful opportunities to build your brand, express yourself, connect with major brands to build amazing, long lasting relationships that align with your brand and values.

Thanks so much to Christie and the team at Kids Business for inviting us to the event and the wonderful activities on the day.

What happens after the event?

We left about 20 minutes from the end of the event, the kids were tired, bored and hungry (they didn't want the food - they are so fussy argh!!!)

So when I get home I rest, do all the things I need to do for my home before I sit down and write anything. Sometimes I leave it for a day to consider my blog post.

This time, Hubby and I were discussing dinner options, take away or something quick at home. I thought "I know! I'll do that curry", I simply grabbed the Passage Foods package I picked up from the stand at the Bloggers BBQ and thawed some chicken out. cut up some mushrooms and followed the instructions on the Street Kitchen Punjabi Cashew Korma sauce pack. It was easy and tasted absolutely divine! The flavours were incredible!! 

Normally, when I cook any pre packaged curry sauces I wake up the next day in agony across my back and ribs at the back. This time after the Street Kitchen curry I didn't! I was so happy because I was starting to think I had to give up on my love of flavours and curries! But not now! Yay!

What was our family highlight?

For my family, it was meeting Captain Barnacles from the Octonauts Live Show, despite Bam Bam being a bit scared, he did enjoy it!

For me it was being part of the Steggles Mystery Box Challenge not only was it fun but it was great to really connect well with the brand! I love cooking! But mostly to have my daughter hold the sign up she made, saying "GO MUM GO!" and hubby taking photos while I worked my magic Thanks guys!

I loved connecting with Annie Sloan, as her Chalk Paint product is fantastic, no primer require, just paint straight on your furniture refurbish project! Great colours and affordable. Loved the sample pots! Great for my upcoming Lifestyle and Interior Design projects!

Networking & Connecting With Bloggers

You often forge great online friendships and connections with other mums who blog but don't often get to meet them, sometimes never! But I was so happy to finally meet Danielle from Keeping Up With the Holsbys, it was like we had both met before.

I connected with Dani a few months back after connecting with someone she knows. I just love her quirky sense of humour and bubbly down to earth personality! She keeps it real! You much link up with her! Great to see you too Carolyn Champagne Cartel

Linda Reed-Enever, Publicist and Marketing Consultant, we finally meet! So many years have gone by, we have crossed paths, missed each other at events, but we got to have a nice chat and meet her man Clive head honcho at Family Capers and your angel girl. Thank you for making sure we connect, we will be in touch!

Bra Queen, Renée Mayne, you always dazzle me with your amazing aura and presence of happiness and love. It was great to catch up for a brief moment! Enjoy the curry! I'm sure I'll see you again very soon x:)

Beverley from HALO I was so moved by your compliments on Inspiring Mums Blog, Thank you it was great to connect!

Oh and more... Dorothy K, Norlin, Erin, Belinda, Marthese, and Alix, I saw more Deb, Carly and others but just didn't get a chance to pull you away to say hi! :) Next time x

Thank you

All possible because of our supportive and long time relationship with Kids Business, thank you!