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{ Family } A Letter To My Dad, Looking Back...

A Letter To My Dad...

This is a letter to my dad, written in the form of a verse/poem. I wrote it in about 15 minutes yesterday afternoon, it free-flowed from my minds-eye after I heard my Hubby playing his guitar. I have changed some of it from the original version but mostly remains as is.

At first I didn't know who it was for, but now I know it was for my dad. I can't explain to you how this just comes to me, the words are like they are whispered to me and I have to catch up with my pen on paper to get it down quick.

This may be a remedy for my dad who is unwell, I don't know. He is suffering with mental illness, but has done most of is 70 years on earth. I don't blame him, but it's time to stop looking back which is the whole issue, my mum's death; the guilt, the unknowing, the grief and loneliness.

I wanted to share this private letter to you openly because I know it will strike a chord with someone else. Someone you know might be fighting the "Black Dog" as it is known; depression it can kill, I'm hoping this letter will help to save someone you know.

Please ignore and grammar, spelling, rhyming or punctuation oversights, it is what it is in its imperfect but loving message form ;D x H

Here goes....

Looking Back...

A Letter To My Dad "Looking Back..."
Photo & Words by Heather James, Inspiring Mums® Click to enlarge image.

Stop looking back
Stop looking there.
You know your life
hasn't been very fair.

Look for the light,
Look where it's bright.
You know Your life,
is not about the fight.

Be clear in your knowing,
Be present with yourself.
Be grateful for everything
you have experienced and felt.

The ripples will find you,
one day you won't know.
The gates will fly open,
and then you will flow.

It takes spirit to want it.
It takes attitude to achieve it.
It takes focus to find it, 
and then you will grow.

Go to the place we all want to be,
with abundance to flourish,
a place to really see
a life you don't have to flee.

This life is a gift, 
one you may hold.
Where it's warm and caring, 
where your story can be told.

You have it within you
to stop looking back.
In challenge we find triumph
and strength to stay on track.

The gift is in knowing
you can let go
of all the pain and grief
that keeps hurting you so.

I can't do it for you,
although I wish I could.
All the heartache that finds you
weak where you stood.

I know you can be happy,
I have seen it with my eyes.
I don't mean to be sappy,
now I have tears as I cry.

Please stop looking back,
Stop looking for the dark,
don't look where its past
you know that can't last.

The life you are living,
can be better than you know.
A life worth living,
not a guest at a show.

You deserve to be happy
with peace in your soul.
You have it within you to finally
take control.

So, stop looking back
Stop looking there.
The future is yours
and for us to share.

I Love You Dad

Please get well we miss you xxx

Written by Heather James, Inspiring Mums®

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