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{ Event Review } School Holiday Fun with Kids - Dinosaur Adventures

Dinosaurs Rock Our World At Eastland!

School Holidays don't have to mean expensive activities and long trips away!

Somewhere local and fun has all you need to create lifetime memories and learn something at the same time, we experienced this at Eastland on the weekend!

I don't know about you Mums, but when I choose something for the kids to do on School Holidays I like it to be:

  • Somewhere we can have Fun!
  • Where we can create memories!
  • Somewhere they can learn something new or discover something different
  • Somewhere they can have endless smiles!
  • Somewhere reasonably local and good parking!
  • Doesn't cost the earth to go!
  • A place we can spend a good few hours out of the house!

Whatever we do, it has pretty much got to tick all of those boxes for us otherwise what's the point! It really doesn't matter where you go, as long as you all have fun!

So we took the kids to the Dinosaur Adventures at Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood on the weekend to attend a preview of this years activities.

Here's what to expect if you plan on going:

  • At centre stage in Eastland Shopping Centre you will step back in time with an Animatronic life-sized Dinosaur Exhibit throughout the shopping centre with educational information displayed at each Dinosaur with sounds and great displays. THIS EXHIBIT IS FREE!
  • Fossil Digging activities, get the kids suited up as a Paleontologist in their digger outfit with a small their tools chip away to find their own fossil to take home with them. From $5
  • Get a photo on a Dinosaur or inside a Dino egg to take home! From $12
  • Colouring In competition a Movie hamper prize to be won
  • Instagram Competition @eastlandshoppingcentre #dinosaursreturn more prizes to be won
  • Snap a photo with a dino for a chance to win a prize
  • Discounts and specials from various outlets on products and service throughout the centre. Pick up a centre booklet for more information.
  • I would expect some queues at the event, it does get popular so you may have up to a 60 minute wait at times. Simply queue up within the barriers set up for your convenience.
  • There is a pram/stroller bay they have set up for families.
  • There a little shop where you can purchase toys and other Dinosaur products at the event entrance. 

Dinosaur Adventures is on these school holidays, so do yourself and your kids a favour and take a break from home and let them make a mess at the fossil digging, instead of your back garden!

Make sure you check Eastlands website for more information about times and dates

Our Review of the event:

It ticked all the boxes for us as mentioned above, we love the fact it is local, great activities, educational, interesting, engaging, innovative and most of all we had fun. Kids love Dinosaurs and every time we have been we always have a great time, this time was no different! 

First timers will be in awe of the gigantic dinosaurs on display and fun activities. Younger kids will really enjoy this event, I would suggest ages between 2-7 they will get the most out of the event, older kids are more savvy and get a bit bored. Still it is educational and gets everyone out of the house for a few hours, which is good!

Those who have been before, may see some similarities as last time, like the fossil dig, and photos, but there are a few differences to note:

  1. The truck and photo display on the stage is different and more appealing with eggs and ride on stationery dinosaurs for photos with instant polaroid photos on offer
  2. The exhibit had different dinosaurs on display
  3. It was set up differently than last year, they had you walking through the mouth of the dinosaur, this year it is more open like walking into the zoo
  4. More room to gather for the talks and guests to view dinosaurs
  5. More sounds and movement with the dinosaurs on display giving a more realistic experience
  6. Improved crowd management with better barriers to manage entry to the event
  7. Improved area for prams and strollers
  8. The fossil dig areas was similar, looked more organised than last time

Overall, I think with the space they have to use, and the large displays they have to work with they optimised the space well and still give an excellent display for a shopping centre event they have done very well.

We give it an overall fun rating: 4.5 Dino Claws of a approval! :)

Disclaimer: Inspiring Mums® was invited to preview the Dinosaur Adventures event at Eastland Shopping Centre to experience this event and share this information with our communities, to help them find activities that will have a positive and inspiring impact these school holidays. However, this is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated or associated Eastlands or the promoter. Any views or opinions shared are my own from a real experience and perspective. It is for entertainment and informational purposes for our inspiring readers.