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{ Inspiration } What If Telling Your Story Helped Someone, Would You Share It?

Are YOU the next Inspiring Blogger?


Do you have a story to TELL? 

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Storytelling, or as my friend Michael Firth would call it "StorieSelling", is a powerful way to connect, communicate, create influence, help others, let go of negative influences and build an authentic profile for yourself.

You've read enough You want to write your inspiring story now...

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You might be the next Inspiring Blogger entering the Blogosphere or simply someone who has a story to share, but until now didn't have the means or connections to spread their story far and wide...


Well now you do!

How Storytelling Has Benefited Our Family and Business...

Storytelling has removed the barriers and has connected me with people I can now call friends. It empowers them to share their story too, many people want to, some just don't know where to start or how.

Remember, everyone has a story!

It has given me opportunities to create greater impact in my business, create influence and alter people's lives and attitudes towards life. I have been told I have saved a life or two, simply through sharing mine and my mother's story. Which is very humbling.

It has enabled me to be featured on national television, interviewed for nationwide magazines and newspapers, global online blog sites, radio and case studies with the State Government for my business.

I've become an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker for Women and Mothers; speaking at events to inspire my blogging peers. It has created the lifestyle and a business I enjoy, flexibility and freedom I want and happiness I strived for. 

It has given our family experiences we may not have had with fun VIP events, gifts and rewards, free children's activities, excellent creative experiences and wonderful new friendships and blogging opportunities, not to mention great business to business relationships.

It's also given me the freedom to be ME!

Remember, sharing your story is a great way to let go of what may be holding you back in life, it can have a positive and helpful impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

Click image to  TELL Your STORY and MAKE a DIFFERENCE to Someone ... *Opens in new window

Click image to TELL Your STORY and MAKE a DIFFERENCE to Someone... *Opens in new window

Did I hear you say
"I'll have what SHE's having!!"

Well.... NOW YOU CAN...! Click the image above and get started!

Share with your friends! I will choose 3 Winners from the competition and they will tick these boxes: 

✔ Inspiring & Supportive to others.

✔ Shares a story that is engaging, written in your own way, spelling mistakes and all! No one's perfect least of all me! Just make it legible to read. ;)

✔ Written from the heart and any one or all of these: authentic, humorous, humble, sombre, exciting, nail biting anticipation and descriptive. (The idea is to give others the opportunity to resonate with your story, get some help from it and give them hope for the future.)

✔ You own the entire content, no plagiarism please.

 You approve your story to be published on Facebook via the Inspiring Mums® Tell Your Story Comp Tab, which you can then choose to published to your own Facebook Timeline (or not).

So........... Isn't it time you told your STORY so You can have what I am having too! :)

I want you to and more! I want to show you how I do it so you can do it too and get all the perks and fun I get! :)

Look today I received 2 movie tickets for helping Eastland Shopping Centre promote their children's activities and being one of the Animal Art Studio Artists. So now, Hubby and I get to go on a date and he has no excuses to get out of it! ;)

It all adds up, over the year I have estimated I've received about $7000 or more in events, activities, gifts and more! The fact my business was promoted for a month, centre stage at a major shopping centre was worth a least $5-6k on its own in advertising real estate and they got me a newspaper feature! All because I was part of this amazing opportunity to be an artist. See my GO Places page for photos.


NO bullying, abusive, sexually explicit, racial, copyright/trademark protected content to be submitted and published.

You are solely responsible for what you post/publish, as this is published on Facebook via StickyTacs (paid competition app) you are liable for any copyright or trademark infringements.

As this is a paid App through Facebook, it follows the Facebook Competition Guidelines and Promotional Rules.

Competition ends: Sunday, 31 August 2014 5:00pm.


All 3 Winners will have their story published as a Feature Blog on this website Inspiring Mums® which published to over 20K social network followers globally, by social networking sites and email distributions. They will be a permanent post on the live site.

This is not transferable for cash, not valid with any other competition or promotion.

Inspiring Mums® reserves the right to amend, change to end the promotion and competition at anytime without notice.


3 Winners will be announced on the Inspiring Mums® Facebook Page 

Monday 1 September 2014 at or before 5pm EST by Heather James, Inspiring Mums® In writing to the winners via the email address provided with the story published via Tell Your Story Comp tab.

Please use the contact form if you have any questions about the competition.