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Dear Inspiring Mum... Yes YOU! A Letter To Mothers...

Dear Inspiring Mum

Yes, I'm talking to You! :D

Do You remember when You were in control?

You knew where You were at and what You wanted.

But You wanted more; You had Your beautiful baby.

You thought that would be enough.

You thought wrong, You want more.

But now You're different, Your life is different.

You need to fill the void, You need to reinvent.

You need to get on the GO TRAIN and create your own destiny.

Oooohh... Toooo create! TOOT TOOT!

Come to Inspiring Mums® where Your creative juices will flow, Inspirations will be pumping and You have all the resources You need to reinvent yourself and find You again! 

Let’s get Real here... You are NOT alone, because we’re Thriving and Surviving this Motherhood journey together!

Afterall, that’s what makes Us Inspiring Mums!

Get On the GO TRAIN here...
@inspiringmums #inspiringmums

With Love,


The IM Mothership Stars....

Heather, Hubby, Jaz, Bam Bam, Roxy

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