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{ Parenting } A Week of Tantrums, Toilet Training, Toys and Trash...

Toddler & Adult Tanties...

...equals one tired little mumma that's for sure!

That's motherhood for you, isn't it?

It's a different kind of tired compared to a newborn with a toddler who's learning new things and trying to understand what works and what doesn't. It must be so frustrating for them! It sure is for me!

So I've had Bam Bam home with me last week, no creche, what a waste of $111 bucks :( he's had conjunctivitis and I'm sure it's reoccurring because he keeps picking it up from there again. It's just the way it goes I guess, but I can't send him when he can't open his eyelids :( Oh and trying to put the eye drops in is very traumatic for all of us!

Work and my business, well, it hasn't been a priority to be honest this week, my family always have to come first. So with sick child at home what do you do... SPRING CLEAN... :) mad I know hehe

I have to say, despite cranky pants Bam Bam and entertaining him playing Octonauts, Thomas the Tank Engine and cars, I was still highly productive, around the house that is! Sometimes it's best to "step away from the child..."

We're also still toilet training, which is good some days and other days terrible! But progress is being made and we are just going to keep going with it. We are on the home stretch now I think! Hopefully!

Detoxing The IM Mothership

I'm am part of the HOW program { Halve Our Waste } through the Frankston City Council. They provided us with a compost bin, kitchen caddy and compost stirrer, valued at around $100 and have us about $20 off our rates each year. We also get to go attend workshops that will help us manage our waste more efficiently.

So the weather is now warming up in Melbourne and we get very hot Summers, so I've been looking at managing any fire hazards around the home.

As you can see in the before picture here we had a lot of dry grass and rubbish, it's now all ready to get picked up for hard rubbish collection.

I've found a free concrete recycling depot in Clayton { Melbourne } who will take the bricks as well. We will burn any extra wood for firewood before Winter's end. The dirt will be distributed throughout the garden and the stumps are now dry enough to cut through and burn as well. I am also repurposing some of the bricks we have.

I managed to get 80% of the hard rubbish into a big jumbo bag to be collected, some of the concrete ready to be taken to a free recycling centre, repurposed some dirt and bricks to the garden, wood sorted for the fireplace to be burnt off and weeded the area and removed the high fire hazard we had going on. We're just like many families, renovating and accumulating 'stuff'. I can honestly say, that I almost shed a tear for the amount of "stuff" we have to throw away or repurpose. I'm hoping to repurpose a lot of it, but unfortunately it's not possible. I feel really bad for the environment and the level of living we have created to have so much "stuff", it makes me sad, but it is the reality of modern living and life isn't it?

Family Dental Health Check

We also manage to get to the dentist, taking up the Governments bulk billing of $1000 per year for each child, thankfully we are eligible for both kids. Jaz went first and was a dream, check up and clean and a good talking too about how to brush and why! I was impressed. 

Next up Bam Bam, nope, not having it at all, he should be ok, but I just wanted him to see what it was all about.

Then my turn, check up and clean for me, trying to parent your toddler while your mouth is open with sharp tools scraping at your teeth, lying on the dentist chair was very challenging, especially when your 3 year old runs out the door down the hallway! LOL

So we get home from the dentist in the evening and while I'm in the back finishing up my clean up, my daughter comes to me holding $25 cash showing me. I asked her:

"where did you get that?"

She said: "I took it out of your handbag and put it in my pocket while we were at the dentist this morning, and I forgot I still had it"

I say: "Wow, um ok, thank you for being honest and returning it in full to me, that shows me I can trust you. I am still curious as to why you wanted to take it to start with, is there something you want to buy?"

She replied: "No, I don't know why I took it I just did!"

I say: "Hmm.. ok well thank you Jaz, please understand you must never take money from our wallets or bags, it will help to pay for petrol, milk, bread when I need it, if it is gone, I may not be able to buy it when I need it, do you understand?"

She said: "Yes mum"

Wow, so that was so out of character for her and a surprise for me not to be so complacent with my bag and money as the kids get older! LOL That was a real eye opener to the end of the week that's for sure! 


Get home to paint and detox our home! Bam Bam's room is getting a makeover, starting with a feature wall with white shelves.

  • Paint: Colour - Midnight Mudgee from Masters Home Improvement
  • Edge Tape: Frogtape from Masters Home Improvement
  • Shelving: White flat shelves with invisible brackets from Sam's Warehouse
  • Bedding: Stiped red, white & blue Cover from
  • Furniture: Fantastic Furniture, soon to be replaced with a double bed
  • Desk: I'm making a desk from a narrow door which will go under the window on the other side of the room along the width of the room. It will be the same colour as the wall against a white wall.

To get the very straight edges I recommend 'FrogTape' it comes in a round container with a green lid, this tape doesn't absorb the paint. But a good tip when peeling it off is to pull it back towards you close to the wall, with your finger running long while you move the tape towards you. Keep it closer to the wall than wide this will give you more control. Put your index finger behind the tape and pull it back over your finger so as you pull back you are running your finger behind it to give that nice sharp edge. Works really well.

I managed to distract Bam Bam for while and got him painting the wall with me. He loved it, but got bored very quickly!

So it has been taking a while to agree on and plan what we want to do with our "Dream Room". This room was the original garage with a storage room to the back. Essentially you could park 2 cars end to end like a tandem garage, but the previous owner had enclosed it in to make 2 rooms. We gutted the two rooms to make one large room, which will be another living space for our family.

We have decided to go with paneling the ceiling to have high roof to make it look bigger. We will insulate with a new type of insulation I found called "EarthWool" both options are very affordable.

The area is roughly 28 sq mtrs:

  • Panels: 3 mtr long 2 panel deep $4.27 per panel approx cost $300-400
  • Batts: 3.5 Knauf Earthwool R3.5 Thermal Ceiling Insulation Batt (430W x 1160L) 175mm (21 Batts) $58 per pack we will need around 6 packs for a total of about $340 approx.
  • Lighting: Looking at making my own! Stay tuned! :))) Thinking a birds nest style maybe :))))
  • Doors & Windows: Looking at recycled doors and windows from somewhere. 

Loads to be done but at least we can seal up the ceiling to keep the room cool/warm while we use it as a gym and playroom for the kids.

Blogging and Business...

Well that has been a right off the whole week, but I am happy that I have the flexibility to live that lifestyle. I wouldn't have it any other way.

This is a new week although it started out a little rocky yesterday with Bam Bam and I... I was in tears and he found new buttons to push which I didn't know I had.

I want to take the opportunity to thank my online community of mums for the outpouring of a love and support, advice and hugs and know that I am ok, just had a bad day. I appreciate your support, friendship and encouragement.

I just want to make sure I don't paint a fake picture of what motherhood is about, even for me, an Inspiring Mum, who has bad days too :)

Today is a new day and I'm ready to catch up everything I have not done... seems to be a neverending growing list!

Back to Smiling & Shining today ladies!

x Heather


A Weekend To Relax With Family...

I could barely walk on Friday evening and Saturday as my back was killing me. Mind you, I live 85% of every single day in pain from my head to my feet, so I should be used to it by now. But it was to the point that pain killers did nothing for me and I needed up to stand up. That is just by doing some physical work around the house and having a back injury from a car accident. I won't let it hold me back, but I will do what I can to be healthy and maybe one day... pain free. Imagine waking up every single day in pain, so much so you can't lift your legs out of bed, well that's me.

But I choose to get up and carry on, even on the hardest days. But who could not go out to the beach on a Winter day and soak up the sun!