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{ Me-Time } Ohhh Yeahh, right there... Don't Stop! Harder! #happy #metime #mums

Ohhh you are so naughty mummas! I was getting a neck and shoulder massage! hehe ;) I know sorry I'm the naughty one! LOL

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Like this Inspiring Mums® "Smile & Shine®" Quote? Send it as a Greeting Card to someone you care via our INK361 Shop for here - Disclosure: Commission of 35% is credited to Inspiring Mums® for all related sales.

"ME-Time" A Must!

This morning...I just wanted some Me-Time, you know?

So after taking Roxy pups to the Vet to get her stitches out, I went to the shops for just "Milk" ;). Buuuut... as I had pulled a muscle in my neck this morning, I wanted a massage to loosen it up. It was so, so sore and I couldn't turn it to the right either. So I went to the local Asian Massage place and they worked my neck hard, brought tears to my eyes it was that painful, but I breathed through it.... Feels a little better now, heat and rest I guess is the key, oh and some painkillers :'(

I finished there and thought:

"oooh I'm hungry! I'm going to treat myself with some Sushi! yumo!"

Seriously, don't think it even touched the sides I was so hungry! Even with the Wasabi on it! Could eat the stuff all day long if I could! :)

I'd been looking after our sick little Bam Bam all week, which has been more tiring than usual; chasing him around with tissues, extra comforting, settling his whinging, toilet training and entertaining him while it rains. Of course I don't mind...he's ma'boy and I'm not complaining either! I love a good snuggle and wet kisses with him, that's if he can stop wriggling! hehe

He's getting better though, I'm happy to report :) And so is Roxy after her de-sexing back to her frisky Beagle antics!

So, I haven't actually cut through much in the way of client work to be honest! This week and last week have pretty much been a right of in terms of work. I will simply have to catch up on EVERYTHING by the end of next week, otherwise I will be letting people down who really need me right now. I can't have that, I pride myself on following through and teaching others that!

The beauty of what I do, means I have the flexibility to do what I want, when I want and how much I want to do. I don't have to work as a coach/speaker/trainer and I don't have to blog either, I do it because I enjoy helping others, especially mums! I don't always get it right either, no one's perfect! I bet Richard Branson get's it wrong sometimes too! 

What VALUE do you put on your Self Care?

As the saying goes:

If you can’t look after yourself (and your family) how are you going to look after anyone else?

That's how I come to the decision to look after myself and my happiness so I can continue to be of service to others in the way I have committed to. So why do I still feel "Guilty" because I did it!? Because we as mums do everything for everyone else and leave ourselves to last, usually at the 11th hour when we are ready to crumble in a heap in the corner of the room! That's not looking after yourself.

Where to go for support, encouragement and friendships

This brings me to our supportive online community of mums! Gosh there are some really wonderful mums doing amazing things out there! There are mums who are silently inspired for life at Inspiring Mums® whether that's on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIN or Pinterest! Our community spreads far and wide, but I am also reminded just how close to home it reaches too!

For example: This morning we went to Super AMart to buy Jaz a tennis racket and shoes... didn't end up paying because our inlaws wanted to buy them and a racket for David. super sweet!

So we go to The Good Guys to have a look around, WOW it really has been a while since I've been, TV's have come such a long way! 

Bump into my babysitter Sam and she got a new job after a reference I gave for her. I am so excited for her as it is a volunteer job but I know she is the right girl for the job such a natural with people.

We say goodbye and while MIL was chasing David around, I snuck over to the IT section and did a Sarah Prout-Simpson meaning I social bombed every PC, MAC, iPpad and lappy I could with various pages of my website, twitter and instagram in a browser and just left it there.... (no photos because I was IT free this morning! Kinda ;)

Surprisingly though, after I walked away (giggling to myself for being sooo cheeky) I saw the tech guy there, through the speakers aisle, he was scrolling through my website and left it there WHOOHOO.... 

We had to go back over because the kids were playing with the iPads and when the tech guy was standing there, I said:

"heehee I saw you scrolling through my website!"

He replied:

"Yeah I was looking through it saying I've seen this before and thought I recognised you, and yeah it's my girlfriend Jessica, she's on your page everyday! I know all about you!!!"

I was like a kid and said:

"Whaatttt? That is super uber dooper cooool!"

So just did a shout out to Jessica for being such a great superfan of Inspiring Mums® and hoping she sees it!


 Source: As featured on Blog:

Source: As featured on Blog:

In Other News from the IM Mothership...

Pictured here to the right, my profile was featured on their Blog #FFaboutme and Tweeted to over 210K followers! Very excited!!

Time to get dinner for the troops, going with pizza, chips and pies tonight ;) think I will wash it down with a vino as well, I'm sure that's good medication for my neck too right ladies??

Have a great weekend! Feet are well and truly being propped up, NOW.... ;) I hope you do the same!

xx Heather

PS: Sometimes I get a little worried I'm talking to myself and going bonkers, so, if you have time, stop by and comment below to say hi! I am here everyday, I am loving my new website (hope you do too!) and I have so many wonderful blogs to bring you on life, motherhood, branding, business, social media... just wish I had a USB port in my head to download it all!

PPS: Thank you for being here, I really value your time and commitment to your own wellbeing in life and business!