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{ Event Review } Christmas in July at Sovereign Hill #funwithkids #visitvictoria

You know when you are thinking about things to do with kids on school holidays and your mind just goes, "blurghh...I have no idea...!" yeah me too!

You have to think about your budget, travel, the weather and accommodating different ages of kids, sleep times, toilet training and the rest!

This post is about inspiring you to go out and think of places to go and to create your own lovely memories. It doesn't matter where you go, it's about the experience and what you take from it that will last a lifetime..

So, when I was thinking about fun things to do with the kids, I couldn't go past the idea of going to Sovereign Hill. We'd talked about it last year but thought our boy was too little, but this year, we were inspired by the ads on TV for "Christmas in July" and thought it would be a great experience. Mother and Sister in law wanted to go too, so it was set, we're off to Ballarat!

Photo: Heather James, Inspiring Mums® - Christmas In July at Sovereign Hill

After a 2 hour drive on the M3/M8 from Bayside, we arrive in a very chilly and overcast, Ballarat.

Entered the front with music playing from behind the bushes, paid for the tickets, which seemed quite reasonable and affordable to me. We ended up with the family pass option because it was the best value for money.

First stop look at the map, man this place is huge! We head down to pan for gold. All of 2 minutes we were there and no luck and Inspiring Son was off exploring. We ventured looking through the tents and buildings, the oriental temple was pretty cool too.

Photo: Heather James, Inspiring Mums® - Gold Panning

Off to on of the gold mines, Inspiring Son was too scared to go down the steep stairs into the dark so I waited with him and had a snack at the top. MIL, SIL and the kids all went down and in about 5 minutes they were back up the top! Apparently it was pitch black and you couldn't see a thing.

We walked through one of the streets towards to the mill at the top of the hill. We climbed the tower and got a lovely view of Ballarat and Sovereign Hill.

Photo: Heather James, Inspiring Mums® - Tower

Photo: Heather James, Inspiring Mums® - Tower

We headed down to the Main Street for the snow. Got there and it was very busy, loads of families eagerly awaiting the 'pretend snow' as though it was real! It was a fun experience though!

I hear from the back:

"Muuummm when are we having lunch? I'm staarrrving!"  

LOL kids these days!! *shakes head* (my apologies to those who ARE actually starving in the world!) Off we go to The New York Cafe for Devonshire Tea, Chips, hot chocie for me and milkshakes for the rugrats.

More Instagramming, shopping, exploring and making candles, another round of the snow experience and watching the solders marching and firing their guns (don't miss it, they are quite funny!) Oh, keep an eye on the kids around the open fires!

One of the dressed up characters, a policeman tried handcuffing my MIL and the kids and chased me in the street after I said I was going to rob the bank. It was quite funny.

Saying to me: "You again, I thought I told you to leave town!" heheh

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#sovereignhill #deckthehall #lightthehill

While we were at the snow, a lady handed me a card that had the hashtags for social media and she told me to: "be creative!" I was already doing what I would have done, taking photos, so it was nothing for me to add these hashtags on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We didn't do the Gold Mine this time, something we will all do when we take our hubbies, possibly come for a weekend stay.

It was a lovely time of the year to go, not too busy, or cold, fun, engaging and educational for the kids! A fun place to take the family this Winter. I believe Christmas in July at Sovereign Hill runs until end of July, so don't miss this magical experience.

Bam Bam trying to eat the snow! This was the photo Sovereign Hill liked so much to invite Bam Bam to switch on the lights at 5:30pm! 

Everyone was tired and done enough so we set off home. Both kids fell asleep within 20 minutes of driving, which ended up being over 2 and a half hours long. I was extremely tired too, being up since 4am I almost had to stop for a nap but the large chocolate Freckles and water were essential to keep me going ;) yesss....essential hehe

When I got home I checked my Instagram comments and I had one from Sovereign Hill inviting our son to turn on the lights at 5:30pm that evening! It was a shame we had already gone, but just goes to show you, you can create opportunities wherever you go! It was a shame we missed out on it, he would've loved it!

Would we go back again?

YES! In fact we said we wanted to come back with our husbands and stay for the weekend in Ballarat and see more of the area.

If you decide this event is for you and your family visit the Sovereign Hill Website for more details, hurry because it's nearly over!


It doesn't matter where you go or what you do, creating memories and experiences with your family is priceless. You don't have to have a lot of money to create special memories with your family. Set some goals, save some money, look t creative affordable options and capture them for the future.

My MIL was so inspired by "Christmas in July" she has organised a Christmas in July dinner tonight in fact! We've each been given a Chris-Cringle and asked to get a $5 funny gift for the evening. Looks like a fun night!. To think a day out at Sovereign Hill lead to another family event where more memories are made. :) Bonus!

I do hope this blog has inspired you to step out and explore places near and far to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Smile & Shine


Disclaimer: This is a personally funded event with my family. This is not a sponsored post. Inspiring Mums® is not affiliated or associated with the promoter Sovereign Hill in any way. Any views or opinions shared are my own from a real experience and perspective.