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{ Event Review } Inside The Brick®: LEGO® Fan Expo

Inspiring Mums® Found there's a "Big Kid" in all of us with LEGO®

Source: LEGO® - "Parachutes" - Grey Paris Magazine Ad Campaign: "Creativity Forgives Everything" Agency: Grey Paris, France

Source: LEGO® - "Parachutes" - Grey Paris Magazine Ad Campaign: "Creativity Forgives Everything" Agency: Grey Paris, France

School holidays came and went in a blink of an eye for our Mothership and keeping the kids entertained in the cold, wet weather in Melbourne wasn't easy! So I searched online for fun things to do with the kids and found Inside The Brick was hosting a LEGO® Fan Expo in Moorabbin and the tickets were affordable, so I grabbed them quick-smart!

We've had some great opportunities to be part of the blogging community over the last year, so this definitely helped to wet the kids appetite for LEGO®, convincing the kids it'll be fun was a piece of cake!

I recently saw this French Magazine Ad with a little boy and Parachuting LEGO® people and instantly thought of my little boy and what our future may be like LOL looks like something he would do too! I also love the concept of the ad, the feeling I get, it's really clever advertising, it's all about the experience!

Inside the LEGO® Fan Expo...

We arrived in the car park, there was a little confusion as to where we could park, but managed to find out by another mum we could park in the permit zone areas. It's probably on the website, but I admit to not reading that information.

Get to the doors and ramp, people were just walking in, we weren't really sure where to line up, it wasn't clear. We managed to ask someone and had our name marked off. It was a little disjointed but got there in the end.

Inside The Brick "LEGO® Fan Expo" 2014 - Photo: Heather James, Inspiring Mums®

WOW MUM! Check it out!!
— Inspiring Son, Bam Bam, age 3

Walking through the double doors to the hall and the first impression we got was this quote:

I had to slow the kids down because they were going so fast we couldn't enjoy the cute little fan exhibits at the start! They were that excited! It was really busy and people were pushing past us which was a bit frustrating, but you get that in crowds like this. There were easily over 1,000 people in the hall, but I wouldn't say overcrowded though.

As we walked along the exhibits, I was taken back in time when we'd go to our aunts house and play LEGO®, it was quite different back then. It was a real treat, because my father couldn't afford to buy us LEGO® (now I'm showing my age! LOL)

There were some really creative pieces, we loved the little monsters and the LEGO® Movie pirate ship, the dolls house and Toy Story cowboy and indians. 

We get to the Star Wars section and Bam Bam grabs one of the spaceships and says:

"Mine mummy, I take it?"

I obviously repeated the "DO NOT TOUCH" signs to him the whole time! LOL

My daughter loved the LEGO® Movie kitty and the parrot and the Batman house with flashing lights!

The Titanic ship was incredible! I overheard the creator say some of the parts move, it was quite big and impressive too.

As we walked further around to the back of the hall, you couldn't miss the massive model city with trains, Gordon and Thomas the trains made an appearance, much to Bam Bam's delight! I think my daughter had enough of the trains by then!

We decided to go up to the play area and make something, it was a little tricky because Inspiring Miss 8 wanted to go one way and Inspiring Son wanted to go another way into the LEGO® Duplo® play area. Inspiring Miss decided she didn't want to play anymore but I finally got her to help me build a house and find pieces for me while Bam Bam played with the plane etc. He wasn't best pleased when a little boy stepped all over his creation though! (see pics).

We stayed for about an hour which was enough for both of my kids, they were hungry and tired!

Continuing the LEGO® creativity at home...



We ended up buying a box of mixed pieces as we don't have much LEGO® at home and if we do it is for specific designs. So using some of nanny's money and a little from me we got a box ($39.99) and it was actually the best value for money overall being the most versatile of all of the products at the shop they had there.

As soon as we got home, we spent hours creating our own creations and figured we could also use these pieces for the LEGO® Creationary game she got for Christmas last year.

Inspiring Mums® final thoughts on the event...

Overall I think it was a great exhibition and believe it will get better every year because the hosts are interested in what families have to say about the event.

I was pleased to see expertly built exhibits and excellent fan exhibits, including a very nostalgic trip down memory lane with the vintage LEGO® also on display and for sale.

I'm probably nit-picking here, mostly because there wasn't much I could see to fault, but we did find some areas a little disorganised, not greatly though. It was noticeable as we just arrived, the confusion about the parking and permit areas (I wasn't alone on that either everyone in the car park looked confused). Then having to ask where to enter and show our ticket because there wasn't an obvious desk I asked where to go (would be opportunity for freeloaders to bypass checking in)...

I did find some of the younger staff had pushed through the crowd a few times and I was having to lift my son up from being pushed into, they seemed to look straight ahead and not aware of the little ones around. 

They did make great use of the area, but I felt they could have spread some more of the exhibits on the upper level where the play area was to make the flow of people traffic easier to get through the main hall, as it seemed there was a lot of space on the upper level and a bit crowded in the hall.

Would we go back next time?

Yes of course! I have to say, it did bring the Big Kid out in me and introduced the kids to the world of creativity and versatility of LEGO® , let's face it, it's loads of fun after all, just don't step on it in the dark!

Tip for new parents :)

Now, go get your LEGO® on and bring the Big Kid out in YOU!

Smile & Shine® 



  • I do recommend that you do your research on LEGO® products and sales in the major stores before you go, because you could save yourself some cash as there are products for sale at the events. Having said that, you could even grab a bargain!
  • Set a budget or give the kids a certain amount to spend and don't take more cash than you need, especially if you are on a tight budget.
  • Go armed with knowledge to make the best decision about buying something there. The products didn't appear to be reduced but happy to be proven wrong! Let's face it, it's a business and they are there to make money, it's no secret :) it's all swings and roundabouts anyway!

Disclaimer: This is a personally funded event with my family. This is not a sponsored post. Inspiring Mums® is not affiliated or associated with the promoter Inside The Brick® or LEGO® in any way. Any views or opinions shared are my own from a real experience and perspective.


Credit Where Credit Is Due!

The agency and creatives responsible for the "Creativity Forgives Everything" LEGO® Magazine ads include:
Advertising Agency: Grey, Paris, France
Executive Creative Directors: Thierry Astier,Stéphane Eynard
Art Directors: Laëtitia ChrétienQuentin Deronzier
Copywriters: Jean-François Le MarecDimitri Hekimian
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