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{ Infographic } 100 Ways To MARKET Your BUSINESS

Helloooo Go Getters!! I know you are reading this because you want to take your business, blog or brand to the next level, right? It's understandable, we all want to market effectively and with minimal investment. I am asked all the time:

"How do you do what you do Heather?"

Well, after 15 years in brand, design and web, I've learned a thing or two to be as efficient and effective as possible, on a tight budget too. So instead of keeping that all up in my head, I'm sharing some of that with you here!

So... YES! This 100 Ways To Market Your Business is in fact "On the house!" download it without all the hype and sales fluff, no personal details required either!... Simply click the image below to download the PDF file today and use it to help your business grow and prosper, on ME!! 

How this Infographic works...

You will see I have broken it up into two columns to help those starting out or those with an established business needing some fresh ideas. You will see under the START UP column are two columns "No-Low Budget" and "Low-Good Budget" this will really help you identify the marketing opportunities for your business, brand or blog that you can do with a very low budget. The circle graphics above each column represent the % percentage of your budget that is likely to be available, it's more of a quick reference for you.

For example: the "Low-Good Budget" shows it is likely you have at least 40% of your budget for marketing and advertising available and those activities listed below in that column would be activities you could consider.

Once you get to the "Positive Budget" column your business will be thriving and your options are therefore more abundant. Under this column you could consider Billboard advertising, TV commercials and more mainstream high end advertising and marketing, as well as, the previous 3 columns of activities.

The Flow Chart graphic displayed gives you an idea of how to select from the 100 Ways To Market Your Business: 

  1. Select your TOP 5 Marketing activities using the column that meets your budget
  2. Start Marketing 
  3. Track your progress, you can do this with an excel spreadsheet, through the media monitors or online analytic data.
  4. REPEAT the process for further success!

Click Here or Image To Download Infographic

Your marketing and advertising activities are ONLY as good as the ACTION and EFFORT YOU and your TEAM put into them!
No Action = No Results!
It is really as simple as that!
— Heather James, Inspiring Mums®

If it really tickles your fancy ;) feel free to love it, comment below and share it (see social links below \/ ) to help your clients or friends business, blog, or brand grow and prosper!